10 Ways to Make a House a Home


Whether you just moved into a new house or you’ve been living in your place for a while, it’s important to make your house feel like a home. Walking in the door of your place should make you feel happy and comfortable.

You’re probably asking, “Isn’t a house a home and a home a house?” Well, technically, yes. But, a “house” to me feels like just a dwelling. A “home” sounds like something that is warm, comforting, lived-in, and loved by a family.

10 Ways to Make a House a Home

The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to add simple touches that make a house feel like a home.

1.) Hang Photos

Instead of having a bunch of bare walls throughout your home, print some photos or buy artwork. It’s always so fun creating photo collages in our home. I love printing my photography and displaying it throughout our home.

2.) Have Rugs

Rugs have a tendency to warm up a house … and the floors. If you have all hard floors, think about placing rugs strategically throughout your home. Or, if you have carpet, don’t be afraid to add a rug on top of the carpet. I recently did that in my son’s room to help transition his room from neutral nursery to a toddler/boy’s room. The rug in his room not only added a pop of color but also helped warm up his room.

3.) Dress Up the Couch

Be sure to add a throw/blanket or pillows to your couch(es). Pillows and throws/blankets help make you and your guests feel comfy and cozy. Also, the pillows and throws are very inviting. If you need to add pops of color to your living space, pillows and throws/blankets will help you achieve that look.

4.) Set Out Fresh Flowers

I love to buy myself flowers when I go grocery shopping. For just a few dollars, I can buy a big bouquet and break the bouquet out into smaller bouquet to place throughout our home. The flowers in our home add a bit of freshness and color.

5.) Light a Candle

I’m really into soy candles, especially vanilla-scented candles. Candles help add a comfortable ambiance and make your home smell amazing.

6.) Use Lamps

Instead of having harsh overhead lights on all the time, why not switch on a lamp? The light from a lamp is usually a bit warmer. Plus, with so many lamp options, you can find a look that matches your style.

7.) Set Out Reading Material

Place magazines, books, photo albums, etc. on a coffee table or end table to not only add to your decor but to also give guests reading material.

8.) Have Plants

I’m a big fan of succulents because they look cool, are the perfect touch of green, and are easy on my greenthumb. By having plants in the house, you not only care for the air quality but you can add a bit of freshness.

9.) Personalize

Instead of buying tons of storebought decor, be sure to add in a bit of personalization. Have you collected items when traveling? Be sure to display them. Do you have lots of family photographs? Use those photos instead of storebought photos. Set out family photo albums. Hang kids’s artwork.

10.) Make it Lived-In

A home has a feeling of being lived-in. Yes, I like to have everything perfectly placed … even with a two-year-old running around. So, I make use of baskets and decorative bins. That way, our son can play and, throughout the day, we can teach him to clean up using the baskets and we go to bed every night with a clean home. So, if your pillows are a bit rumpled, your blanket on your couch is not placed perfectly, etc. … don’t stress. Your house is a home because it’s filled with love, family, good memories, and comfortable spaces.

What’s your favorite tip on how to make a house a home?


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