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If you stop in the rooms throughout my home, you’ll begin to notice a few themes, one of which includes a clock. I wear a watch and I usually have my phone by me at all times. Both of which tell the time. Yet, I rarely ever use them for that purpose. Instead, I look toward the clock on the wall or the shelf to tell me the time.

Instead of buying a boring clock, purchase a clock with a lot of unique features and character so that you can use the item as a decorative piece in your home. So, the next time your guest asks, “What time is it?” You’ll have the answer … in the form of a beautiful statement piece.

How To: Decorate with Clocks

1.) Shop at Discount Stores

I always have the best luck when shopping for clocks at stores such as Home Goods and Marshalls. The clocks can usually be found in the wall art and mirror sections. You might have to do some digging but you’ll come across some unique gems that will look great in your home.

2.) Look for Unique Features

Instead of buying the same style of clock, look for shelving clocks, as well as wall clocks. From cages to straps to wood, the more you change up the unique features of each clock throughout your home, the more you can rely on the clock to be an art piece in your home.

3.) Shop for Different Sizes

From big clocks to small clocks, you’ll want to change up the sizes of the clocks throughout your home depending on the placement and space. You can use a large clock as a statement piece for your wall. Or, you can purchase a small wall clock and insert it into a wall collage. Clocks for shelves can be of various height to add dimension to your shelving decor.

4.) Use Strategy

When placing the clocks throughout your home, you’ll want to select spots that are natural for the eye. For example, in our living room, we have a sofa that faces a window. We have a very open concept from our kitchen to our living room. For the placement of the clock in this area, I chose the wall to the right of the window. This wall also joins the living room with the kitchen area. That way, the wall clock can provide the time for people in the living room and in the kitchen area.

5.) Maintain the Time

With so many clocks, it can be a bit tricky when it comes to daylight savings time changes, as well as battery operation. You’ll want to keep an eye on your clocks to ensure that time on each clock is accurate and that the clocks are properly working.

How many clocks do you have in your home?

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