10 Simple Ways to Prepare for House Guests

10 Simple Ways to Prepare for House Guests

We’re in the thick of the holiday season as we work on getting the home ready for the holidays. During the holiday season, many families can expect to open their doors to family and friends. So, how does one prepare the home for house guests?

It’s easy … if you prepare. There’s no need to stress out about having house guests if you follow simple steps to get your home ready for their stay.

10 Simple Ways to Prepare for House Guests

Here are 10 simple ways to prepare your home for house guests.

1.) Have enough pillows and blankets

Some people love to sleep with just a sheet while other people love to snuggle up to countless blankets and pillows. You can either place the blankets in a basket in the guest bedroom or neatly display them folded on a table. As for the pillows, be sure to load up the guest bed with enough pillows to make the bed look and feel comfy cozy. I usually have at least four pillows on every guest bed in our home. That way, guests can pick and choose what they want to use.

Also, be sure the pillows smell good. The last thing you want to do is provide your guests with smelly, stained pillows. For just under $10, you can buy really great pillows from Target that are perfect for a guest bedroom. I always make sure our guest bedroom pillows are new and fresh.

2.) Provide toiletries

Be sure to keep the shower stocked with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Also, keep cotton swabs and cotton balls in the bathroom. It also doesn’t hurt to have extra toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, lotion, razors, etc. on hand just in case your guests are in need of something during their stay.

3.) Stock the fridge and pantry

Before house guests arrive, I love to stock our refrigerator and pantry with items that I know the house guests will enjoy. I also like to ask the guests what they like to eat and drink so that I can make sure I have some of their favorite foods and beverages on hand during their stay.

4.) Give guests their own space

Giving guests their own space allows them to feel more comfortable during their stay. The space provides them with privace and a place to escape for a bit if need be. If you don’t have the extra space in your home, then provide the house guests with a corner in your home where they can place their belongings.

5.) Have a fan available

Some people love to sleep with a fan in their room (I know because I’m one of them). Even if you have an overhead fan in the room, it’s always nice to have an extra tabletop fan in the room to provide the house guest with white noise while they sleep.

6.) Clean the home

I always give the home a deep cleaning before house guests arrive. Yes, I clean the home practically every day. But, before house guests arrive, especially house guests who are going to stay for an extended period of time, I clean the baseboards, dust every tabletop, mop the floors, spray the furniture, wipe down the kitchen, etc. I really try to make sure the home is as clean as possible before guests arrive.

7.) Have plenty of towels and washcloths

I like to keep our hallway closet fully stocked with towels and washcloths so that guests can always help themselves to a clean towel. If your guests are staying in a space where they might not easily find the towel closet, then place a few towels in the space that they’re staying so that they can grab a towel on the way to the bathroom.

8.) Share the wifi password

You can either print the wifi password, frame the paper, and place the password on display somewhere in your home. Or, inform your house guests where they can find the wifi password on your wifi device.

9.) Have coffee easily available (and cream and sugar too)

We have a Keurig so I always make sure the basket of Keurig pods is always full before house guests arrive. I also make sure we have coffee creamer and sugar too. If you don’t have a Keurig, then be sure your coffeemaker is readily available for coffee in the morning. You could even set your coffee timer so that the coffee is brewed and ready to go prior to everyone waking up in your home. I like to have the coffeemaker out on the counter so that guests can help themselves as need be throughout the day.

10.) Offer laundry time

Yes, laundry is probably the last thing your house guests want to do during a vacation. But, sometimes people run out of clothes to wear. So, give your guests a chance to do some laundry if need be.

How do you prepare your home for house guests?

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