What Is Your Favorite Clothing Item?


I’m pretty sure we all have a favorite piece of clothing or an accessory. For me, I have a black winter vest with faux fur around the hood that I just can’t leave the house without during the winter months. But, everyday (hot weather or warm weather), my must-have item has been my tan crossbody bag. For the past five years or so (whenever I purchased the bag), I haven’t left the house without that trusty, grab-and-go bag.

From yoga pants to old college t-shirts to the perfectly worn jeans, it can be hard to pick just one item. My mother-in-law and I touched on this subject over the weekend. She mentioned how she decided to wear her favorite comfy pants while painting and accidentally spilled a bit of paint on her pants.

Horrible news. Why do I know that?

Because I did the same thing to my favorite pair of comfy pants a few years ago. But, I still wear them. Why? Because they are my favorite comfy pants. End of story.

Even though I love my winter vest and handbag, I have a few other items that are must-haves for me. I have a Detroit Tigers baseball hat that, even though it’s starting to fray, I can’t live without both for fashion and sentimental reasons. I also have a pair of skinny jeans that I’ve had for a few years now that fit perfectly, are extremely comfortable, and are my go-to.

So …

What Is Your Favorite Clothing Item?

Is it a jacket? Is it a t-shirt? Is it a pair of jeans?

Recently, I saw a commercial that was all about favorite clothing items. A woman wished that she had multiple of her favorite shirt. If she had multiples, she could “conquer the world.” A man described his jacket as a great item to pass down the generations.

Do you have a “conquer the world,” “pass down” clothing item?

What’s your favorite clothing item?

Photo via The Stripe.

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