20 Spring Cleaning Checklist Items

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The temperature is rising, the sandals are ready to be worn, and the house is begging to undergo spring cleaning. After being cooped up inside for most of the colder months, it’s time to stretch our legs, get some fresh air, and also spend some time getting the house ready.

With spring comes a sense of freshness and renewal. In order to achieve that feeling of renewal, it’s important to spend some time preparing for the warmer months. Whether you do your spring cleaning in one day or spread it out over the next few weeks, checking the items below off your list will not only give you a sense of accomplishment, but will also help add a bit of spring to your home.

20 Spring Cleaning Checklist Items for Your Home

  1. Baseboards — Yes, the dreaded baseboards. With white and tan walls, white baseboards, two big black dogs, and a two-year-old, our baseboards get a lot of action. What I love to do is scrub them with a Magic Eraser. Then, once they are dry, I go over them with a dryer sheet to help repel the dog hair throughout the upcoming months.
  2. Windows — It’s important to wipe down the interior part of the window. But, it’s also important to make sure your windows are clean and sparkly on the exterior as well.
  3. Counter Tops — Do you have granite counter tops? If so, have you noticed that the water droplets aren’t beading up like they used to? It’s time to seal your counter tops. Think about taking care of this task during spring cleaning.
  4. Carpet — Either hire a carpet cleaning company, rent a carpet cleaner from your nearest home improvement store, or use a carpet cleaner that you already own. Carpets receive a lot of wear and tear so it’s important to give them some love every spring.
  5. Dishwasher — But they clean dishes, why do they also need to be cleaned? Build up. That’s why. When your dishwasher is free of dishes and utensils, fill a glass with vinegar and place it bottom side down on the top shelf. Run a cycle. You’ll notice that the vinegar is a great way to keep your dishwasher clean.
  6. Oven — Your oven is a hard worker. From casseroles to meat dishes to appetizers, the oven has a tendency to get dirty. Pick up an oven cleaner and get to work caring for your hard worker.
  7. Microwave — Do you have spills in your microwave? Take a cloth and wipe down the interior of your microwave. You can also run your microwave plate through the dishwasher to get it nice and clean.
  8. Washing Machine — These machines can start to smell over the weeks and months. Either buy a washing machine cleaning detergent or empty the machine, toss in a cup of vinegar, and run it.
  9. Dryer — Scrub down the lint trap and vacuum the duct that leads outside (if it’s easy to reach).
  10. Walls — Our walls can get pretty beat up over time. From fingerprints to scuff marks, our light tan walls show evidence of everything. So, I love taking a Magic Eraser to the walls to rid them of the marks.
  11. Doors — Our doors are white and also get beat up over time. Once again, Magic Eraser to the rescue.
  12. Cabinets — Our cabinets are painted white and also get beat up over time. Once again, Magic Eraser to the rescue. Are you sensing a pattern? If you have wood cabinets, shine the up with wood polish.
  13. Patio Furniture — If you have furniture that is metal and is showing wear and tear, it might be a good item to spray them down with outdoor furniture spray paint. Our cushions are fabric. So, I love to launder them to make sure they are nice and white before we start hanging out in our screened-in porch.
  14. Appliances — Wipe down your appliances with a stainless steel cleaner or an all-purpose cleaner (depending on the material of your appliances). Also, be sure to dust your refrigerator coils to help maintain the functionality.
  15. Surfaces — Dust all of the surfaces throughout your home thoroughly.
  16. Furniture — Do you have wood furniture in your home? Be sure to wax/polish the surfaces to help make them shine.
  17. Closets — Clear out cold weather clothing pieces and replace them with your warm weather clothing pieces. Also, clean out some of the clothes that you haven’t worn in the past year. It’s always nice to donate!
  18. Outdoor Spaces — Decks and porches can get dirty. Hose them down and use cleaners to make them look and feel clean.
  19. Pantry — Is your pantry a bit of a mess? Pantries can be so hard to keep clean and organized. Go through your pantry and clear out any old items. Use a bin/basket system to help keep your pantry neat and orderly.
  20. Mattress — Flip your mattress and/or rotate. Next, vacuum the surface of your mattress. Clean your sheets, fluff your pillows, wash the bedskirt, and change out any heavy sheets for lighter sheets.

What areas of your home get the most attention when you’re spring cleaning?

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