Playing in the Snow for the First Time

The weather reports were predicting a lot of snowfall to happen today. Boy, were they right. I went to bed last night in hopes that the weather reports would be right. I woke up to a winter wonderland. Thanks to my upbringing in Michigan, I was beyond ecstatic. Let’s face it. If it’s going to be cold, it might as well snow to make everything look beyond beautiful. I know that snow can be devastating and miserable for some. But, for me, it’s magical. I couldn’t wait to take this opportunity to introduce the magic to my son.

After my son woke up from his afternoon nap, I dressed him in his warmest clothes (I tried to buy a snowsuit for him a few months ago but the stores only had a few selections that were too big). After bundling him up in layer after layer (he reminded me of the little boy in A Christmas Story),  I figured he was ready to venture into the backyard. 
I grabbed a cookie sheet … yes, we don’t have a sled yet … yes, I am from Michigan. No snowsuit. No sled. I promise I know how to do winter right. Today, we were just making the best out of what we had. I placed him on the cookie sheet and his first reaction was nothing short of, “What is this stuff?” Being the curious boy that he is, he immediately dug into the snow and was full of smiles and intrigue. It was cold. It was wet. It was white. It was awesome. Yes, this kid is the epitome of a boy.
And, of course, the dogs had to get in on the action. Tugboat (pictured above) could live in the snow. From running full speed to diving headfirst into the snow, he cannot get enough of winter. 
Caster (pictured above) has been showing signs of old age lately. However, when it comes to winter, the true puppy in him comes out to play. Every time it snows, I love to stand by the window, look out at the backyard, and watch them run from one end of the yard to the other, frolicking and loving life to the fullest.
As they ran, dove, and caught snowflakes with their tongues, I couldn’t help but think that these dogs of ours know how to do winter right … and I love to watch and live vicariously through them.
From going to sleep with a little bit of snow on the ground to waking up to a winter wonderland. From watching my dogs play in the snow to witnessing my son play in the snow for the first time. From shoveling the driveway with my husband to listening to my son giggle as he watched the plow truck clear the road. Today was nothing short of winter perfection.

Are you a fan of snow?

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