A Boy and His Books

Most parents usually get a little nervous when their kids are being quiet. Why? When they are quiet, that means that the kids might be up to no good. From coloring on the walls to playing with the toilet paper roll, it’s amazing what kids can get into in a matter of seconds. As for our boy, he’s definitely different. If he’s quiet, nine times out of 10, we walk into his play room and find him in his teepee covered in piles of books as he flips through the pages. Ever since he was born, he has loved books being read to him and flipping through the illustrated pages.

Growing up, I had such a strong love for books. Whenever I wanted a new book at the store, my Mom always made a point to purchase the book and allow me to bring it home. I cherished my books and kept them proudly displayed on my bookshelf in my bedroom. After completing a book, I would sit, think about it, and then place it on the bookshelf. Living through the words, emotions, and experiences in the writing was such a unique adventure as a child. 
English class was by far my favorite since it introduced me to so many classic writings. Sitting in a classroom group and discussing what was read was such an invigorating experience. I absolutely loved listening to and learning about the perspectives that each of my classmates had after reading exactly what I read. Viewpoints were also strong and, more often than not, different. Meanings were always put to the test. Thoughts were always provoked.
To watch my son become enthralled and enthusiastic about books has been one of the highlights in his countless developments. Watching him carry books around the house makes my heart explode. Seeing him flip through pages of books makes my love for him grow. Reading books to him makes those moments unforgettable.
When he’s not sitting in his teepee looking through his books, he’s on my lap. Yes, those are the moments that will live in my mind forever. Instead of sitting by me, he will grab his favorite book, turn around in front of me, and back up until he is perfectly positioned to fall right into my lap. We’ll sit there and read book after book and I’ll watch as he claps, points, and learns.
Motherhood is filled with so many special, unforgettable moments. Him reading in his teepee? Yes, that moment goes right up there with the best of them. He’s my bookworm and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What’s your favorite children’s book?

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