Entertaining Tip: Coffee and House Guests

Entertaining Tip: Coffee and House Guests

What’s one of the first things that people do in the morning? They make a cup of coffee. Some people cannot function until they have their first sip of coffee … or until they have enjoyed their first cup of coffee. Before your house guests arrive, be sure to have plenty of coffee, various types of sugar, and a variety of coffee creamers in stock.

Not everyone takes their coffee like you. For me, I like half and half with no sugar. For my husband, he likes his coffee black. For my brother-in-law, he likes to add sugar. For our recent house guests, they liked flavored creamer. Everyone has a different taste and everyone prefers their coffee a certain way to help them jumpstart the day.

When it comes to coffee and house guests, be sure to:

  • Have enough coffee to last you throughout your guests’ stay. Trust me. You don’t ever want to not have coffee at the ready in your kitchen. It’s a horrible feeling.
  • Overestimate the amount of coffee that you will need during a house guests’ stay. Once again, trust me. It’s a horrible feeling if you don’t have enough coffee on hand.
  • Buy a variety of creamers. All that you need is half and half, milk, and one flavored creamer. That mix usually works well for me.
  • Provide sugar options. Some people like real sugar while others like products such as Equal or Truvia. It’s always nice to provide house guests with a few different options.
  • Make sure the coffee cups are easy to find. Sometimes I set out the coffee mugs on a pretty towel next to the coffee maker so that my guests can help themselves whenever they are ready to enjoy a cup. If they aren’t set out, I always advise my guests on where to find the mugs just in case they want to make a cup of coffee at any point during the day.

At the end of the day (or rather the morning), you want to make sure that you have done your best to help your house guests start their morning with an enjoyable cup of coffee (or two) to power them through their day and enjoy their stay.

What types of coffee products do you set out for guests?

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