The Hardest and Best Job in the World

A mother’s love is quite an incredible thing. Her patience is put to the test. Her understanding has no boundaries. Her shoulders can feel the weight of the world. Her mind never seems to stop worrying, caring, thinking. Her eyelids can feel so heavy at times. Her body can go through so many changes. Her nights can be sleepless. Her days can be filled with a constant balancing act. Her being can be pulled in a million different directions. Her love is the best thing in the world.

Motherhood has taught me so much about myself … from understanding this new side of me, to having an even greater appreciation for my Mom, to caring for a child, to practicing patience, to falling in love with my husband all over again, to trying to master the ultimate juggling act, to not worrying about judgements, to understanding that I’m doing all that I can do to make sure that my son has a good upbringing, to embracing the mama bear inside me.

Entering motherhood, I had so many questions. Am I going to be a good mother? How will I raise a child? Am I going to be able to provide my baby with everything necessary? The whole idea of motherhood was filled with so many unknowns. And then, they placed him into my arms. At that moment, a new definition of love was created and I was introduced to the new me. I was a mother.

I never knew this kind of love. I never knew this kind of tired. I never knew this kind of patience. I never knew this kind of pride. I never knew this kind of protection.

Looking back over the past 16 months, there have been good days and bad days, tired days and energetic days, happy days and sad days. With each passing day, I look forward to what’s to come. What word will he learn today? What new foods will he try today? What new adventure will he create today? Experiencing life through the actions and eyes of a child is so refreshing and unlike any experience.

When all that I want to do is sleep, seeing his smile when I open his bedroom door every morning starts my day off on the right foot. When my patience feels tried, all that it takes is hearing his laughter as my husband tickles him. When my entire being feels exhausted, a simple snuggle from him puts energy back into my day.

This job is tough. This job is trying. This job is messy. This job is so incredibly awesome. Being a mother is one of the hardest and best jobs in the world. To all of the moms out there, you’re doing a great job. I want to wish each and every mom a Happy Mother’s Day.

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day?

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