Making a New Friend

Friendships have always been so interesting to me. There are people who come into our lives and teach us so much about the world around us. Out of those people, there are those who come and go. Out of those people, there are those who continue to be there throughout the chapters of your life. And then there are those who not only watch you live each chapter, but who also experience each chapter with you.

From living with each other during our last year at college to moving to different cities to getting married to having a baby, this one friend of my mine holds a special place in my heart. She’s been there every step of the way as we entered each new chapter of our lives almost simultaneously.

When our babies were born three months apart, plans were trying to be put into place to have our kids meet. After all that we had been through and all of the incredible memories that we have created over the years, we couldn’t wait to see our kids begin their friendship … and then, of course, life with a baby happened. Before we knew it, my baby turned one and her baby’s first birthday was not far behind. We decided enough was enough. We had to set a date.

And then it finally happened. Last weekend, our house was full of toddler giggles, smiles, and cries as our kids crawled around the house, discovered new toys, played in the crib, and read books … together. Yes, they finally met and it was nothing short of magic.

Simply put, getting to spend time with my friend’s baby girl was unreal. Even though my son loves to snuggle and cuddle with my husband, he hardly ever do so with me since he sees me as the play parent. When my friend’s baby girl wouldn’t go down for a nap one day, I took her in my arms and she immediately snuggled against me. Tears. Yes, tears were in my eyes. Man, do I love that little girl so much.

Although shy at first, over the course of the weekend their friendship began to take shape. As we reminisced about all of the fun times that we have had in the past, I couldn’t help but think of all of the fun times in the future that we will have with our little ones.

I look forward to watching their friendship grow over the years as they get to experience new chapters of life together as friends. Because, let’s face it, having such a great friend in life is pretty awesome.

What is your favorite part about having a great friend?

Disclaimer: Last photo courtesy of my friend’s husband. 

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