10 Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

10 Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Is it strange that I love cleaning our house? I cannot function when my home is disorderly and chaotic. Simply put, I’m one of those people. With two kids, a husband, and two large dogs, if I don’t stay on top of daily cleaning tasks, then messes, things, dog hair, etc. pile up. So, that’s why I do simple steps every day to ensure that I have a clean home. That way, if mama is happy, then the whole family is happy.

With kiddos running around, dogs dropping fur all over the place, and the laundry a never ending battle, how is it possible to keep and maintain a clean home? I love a good cleaning hack.

10 Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some of my favorite cleaning mistakes to avoid so that you can maintain a clean home.

1.) Using a sponge.

Stop and think about how long you’ve been using the same sponge. Has that sponge wiped down countertops, been around raw meat, scrubbed something off of the floor? Now, wipe that sponge on a plate and try to eat something off of it. No thank you. It’s time to toss the sponge and either get a new one or develop a new cleaning system. In our home, we don’t have a sponge. Instead, we use SOS pads for stuck-on foods and then rinse clean with soap and water. We only use the SOS pad once per cleaning session and then toss it.

2.) Avoiding the squeegee.

We recently install a new glass shower door and went a month or so without squeegeeing. Big mistake. We began to notice that hard water spots were starting to appear on the door. I immediately bought a squeegee and kept it in the shower. After every shower, we make sure to squeegee the door in order to keep the hard water stains off of the door.

Bonus Tip: If you have hard water stains on your glass door, mix together Barkeepers Friend and Windex in a paper towel. Using some elbow grease, scrub the door with the solution you mixed and rinse with water. You’ll see the hard water stains wash away (speaking from experience).

3.) Using a dirty vacuum cleaner.

When was the last time you cleaned your vacuum cleaner’s filter? Because we have two dogs (hello, fur) and two kids (hello, crumbs), I have to clean our vacuum cleaner regularly. I find that by cleaning out my vacuum’s filters at least once a month, I have been able to maintain the quality of my vacuum. When the vacuum seems to not be performing as well as it should or if it smells a little stinky, I simply remove the filters, empty them in the trashcan, rinse them out with soap and water, dry them, and then replace the filters. What has been helpful is that I purchased a second sponge filter. That way, when the sponge is drying, I can pop in my replacement and get to work vacuuming the floors in our home.

4.) Using the wrong duster.

It’s time to swap out your feather duster for a microfiber cleaning cloth or another device that will trap and lock in the dust. Although cute and fun to use, feather dusters spread dust instead of picking up the dust.

Bonus Tip: Be sure to wipe down the plants in your house since they have a tendency to be dust collectors.

5.) Avoiding the sink.

The sink is a place that cleans items. Even though it’s constantly being covered in soap and water, it has a tendency to build up residue. Sprinkle Barkeepers Friend on your sink and give it a good cleaning to remove the grime and buildup.

6.) Cleaning from the bottom up.

Instead of cleaning the floors, then wiping down the windows, and then dusting, do the exact opposite. Dust, then wipe down windows, and then clean the floors. Cleaning from the top down is a streamlined and efficient way to keep a house clean.

7.) Avoiding the bed.

After you wake up, between taking care of the kids and trying to find time to shower and make a cup of coffee, the last thing that often comes to mind (if it comes to mind at all) is your bed. Who has time to make a bed every morning? I get it. I also get that making the bed every morning makes such a big difference in simplifying life. Why? It’s a great way to start your day.

You don’t have to be elaborate when it comes to bed making. Simply pull the sheets tight, tuck them, pull your comforter neatly into place, arrange your pillows, and be done with it. With just a few simple moves, in under a minute you’ll have a bed that is made and looking great. Plus, you’ll have a feeling of a sense of accomplishment at the very start of your day.

8.) Saving the dishes for later.

Cooking can be messy. If pots and pans are everywhere, smudges are  over the counters, and dishes are piled up in the sink, just looking at the messy kitchen can be a bummer. But, if you crank up the music or turn on the television, you can tackle the mess in no time. Before you know it, your kitchen will be nice and tidy all while you’re feeling a sense of accomplishment. I like to practice this 10-Minute Kitchen Cleanup once a day (or more, depending on the mess) to help maintain a clean and functional kitchen.

9.) Overlooking appliances.

Appliances have a tendency to build up residue over time. It’s important to keep your appliances functioning like the day you bought them. There are plenty of DIY or store-bought cleaners that are great for dishwashers, refrigerators, washers, dryers, coffeemakers, etc. Also, be sure to wipe down the stovetop once it’s cooled down after cooking.

10.) Using the same rag around the home.

I’m a firm believer that germs can spread easily. Case in point: You should not wipe down the bathroom with a rag and then use that same rag to wipe down your counter tops. Instead, use different rags for every area of the home (make sure to clean between uses) or use paper towel to be extra clean (my preferred method).

What cleaning mistakes do you try to avoid?

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  1. After bleaching my kitchen counter tops (tile & grout) what do you suggest wiping and drying the counter tops with so my white tile will sparkle?

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