5 Simple Ways to Have a Clean Closet

 5 Simple Ways to Have a Clean Closet

Over the past few days, I’ve taken time to go through my closet, as well as my kids’ closets. I felt this overwhelming need to get the closets organized, as well as drop off clothes at the donation bin. Having a clean closet in every bedroom makes my heart happy. Plus, I love dropping off bags and bags full of clothes and accessories at our local donation dropbox.

With bedroom closets that are nice and clean, having items that are easy to find and put away makes the whole laundry process and getting ready process nice and streamlined.

5 Simple Ways to Have a Clean Closet

1.) Create a Schedule

Clothes and accessories have a tendency to accumulate over the years. Racks and shelves start collecting shirts, pants, dresses, scarves, etc. that go months and maybe even years without being touched. That’s why every six months or so I like to go through the closets in our home. Plus, kiddos go through clothes like you wouldn’t believe. I get frustrated when I go into a closet, grab a top, and put it on my kid only to find out that it’s too small. That’s why I go through their closets on a regular basis. I feel so orderly when the closets in our home are organized and have a sorting system that is easy to follow.

2.) Analyze Every Item

As I go through the items in our closets one-by-one, I like to make keep, trash, and donate piles. I make sure every item in the closet makes it into a pile. That way, I’m not left with miscellaneous items that get overlooked.

Be sure to keep wardrobe basics, on-trend items, story-filled sentimental items (e.g., baby’s first hospital outfit), investment splurges, and special event outfits. Toss/donate items that haven’t been touched in months, still have tags on them, worn out pieces, etc.

3.) Get Organizers

In our closet, I have a shoe organizer for my heels and an organizer for my husband’s ties. In our kids’ rooms, I have organizer shelves that hang from the closet rods to help keep socks, shoes, pants, and other items organized and easy to find. Our kids have quite a few blankies, so I bought bins to help store the blankets and keep them organized. I’m all about organizers. With so many options available in stores, it’s easy to find one that suits your needs. You can even consider picking up baskets to help store odds and ends.

4.) Assign Sections

Make sure each section in the closet is assigned for a clothing category. In my closet, I have one rack dedicated to shirts (that are organized by color), one rack for pants, and one rack for special event outfits. My husband has one rack for work attire, one rack for everyday shirts, and one rack for special tops (jerseys, etc.). We also have shelves assigned to pajamas, shorts, and tank tops. In our kids’ closets, I have racks assigned for pajamas, everyday outfits, and special tops (outdoor wear, jerseys, etc.). Having assigned sections help keep items organized. One more tip: I create a section for empty hangers too. That way, empty hangers aren’t found throughout clothes. The empty hanger section makes the hangers easy to grab when putting away clothes.

5.) Dust

Let’s face it, items in a closet have a tendency to collect dust. Make sure you freshen up clothes that have been hanging for a a few months, as well as take a duster to any shoes and accessories that might have a layer of dust on them.

Bonus Tip

Be sure to put away your clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer. Easier said than done, right? Since I have a system in place, I make it a point to fold and put away clothes when they are done being washed. It only takes me a few minutes to complete this chore and it’s so worth the time spent on making sure clothes are put away and organized. It makes getting the kids and myself ready more streamlined.

What is your favorite tip on how to keep a clean closet?

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