Simple Tricks for Removing Pet Hair

Tumbleweeds, I tell ya. Yes, if you have a furry pet, then you might be all too familiar with seeing tumbleweeds cross your floor in the form of pet hair. Pet hair can get everywhere.

We have two 70 lb black dogs. We have white furniture, white cabinets, tan walls with white trim, light carpet, black furniture … black dog hair is ridiculous. The struggle is real. I’m vacuuming the floor, dusting the surfaces, and wiping down the walls in our home on a daily basis. Trying to keep up with the furry beasts can be quite the chore.

So, how can you easily stay on top of pet hair while trying to avoid the tumbleweed issue?

Simple Tricks for Removing Pet Hair


  • Carpet: Go over your carpet a few times with a vacuum cleaner to make sure you get all of the areas of a room. Additional Tip: Be sure to clean your vacuum cleaner’s filter for the best clean. You can also use a window squeegee if your carpet is really furry. Simply swipe across the surface of your carpet with a window squeegee and you’ll see all sorts of pet hair appear.
  • Hardwood/Laminate/Tile Floor: Use a electrostatic mop instead of a vacuum cleaner. If you want to use a vacuum cleaner, then make sure the vacuum is on the lowest floor setting to avoid pet hair blowing all over the place as you clean.
  • Baseboards: One of my favorite tricks for keeping pet hair off of baseboards is to first vacuum them. Next, take a dryer sheet and rub it along the baseboards. The dryer sheet will create a barrier between the baseboard and the pet hair.


  • Upholstery/Fabric: Grab a pair of yellow cleaning gloves and dampen them with water. Wearing the damp rubber glove, run your hand over the furniture. When the glove is covered in pet hair, then rinse and repeat. You can also use a lint roller if you only have a little bit of pet hair on your furniture. If your vacuum cleaner comes with a furniture attachment, be sure to take advantage of that fun cleaning tool.
  • Wood Furniture: Use an electrostatic duster to help grab all of the pet hair and dander.

What’s your favorite tip for removing pet hair?

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