10 Laundry Tips to Help Tackle Piles of Clothes

10 Laundry Tips to Help Tackle Piles of Clothes

Let’s face it, laundry can be a drag. From being buried under piles of clothes to selecting from numerous options on the washing machine and dryer to folding and putting clothes away, the thought of tackling just one load of laundry can seem a bit overwhelming.

I used to give laundry the side eye as I disliked it immensely (my Mother taught me to never use the word “hate” … she always said to use “dislike immensely”). But, over the years I have grown to not mind doing laundry. Wait, did I just write that? Wow. And that’s after having two kids who seem to go through clothes like you wouldn’t believe. It truly is amazing how much laundry a six-month-old and a three-year-old can rack up over a short period of time.

Why do I not mind it now? Because I discovered tips to help tackle piles of clothes.

10 Laundry Tips to Help Tackle Piles of Clothes

Here are some tried and true laundry tips to help you tackle piles of clothes.

1.) Create an Area

Have a specific area where you put your dirty laundry. We have a hamper in our laundry room (that’s where put all of my clothes, the household items, and my son’s laundry) and my husband has a hamper in the bedroom closet (that’s where he puts all of his clothes). Having dedicated areas in the house for dirty items helps keep everything contained and orderly.

2.) Make Sorting Easier

Try having multiple hampers so that one hamper is for whites and the other hamper is for darks. As items become dirty, immediately sort them so that you don’t have to waste time sorting when you do the laundry.

3.) Make Your Laundry Space Enjoyable

Who wants to spend time in a poorly lit, depressing laundry room? Why not make your laundry room a space that you actually enjoy? I used to dislike the cabinets in our laundry room so I took off a few of the door to make open shelving, painted the cabinets with chalkboard paint, put decorative contact paper inside the cabinets, and carefully placed jars and baskets on the shelves that made the shelves pretty yet functional. Since our laundry room is part of our mud room and is an area that sees a lot of traffic, I now enjoy looking at and being in the laundry area of our home. With just a few simple fixes and bucks, I was able to convert the laundry space into an enjoyable space.

4.) Decide on Responsibility

Determine who is responsible for the laundry in your house. In our house, my husband and I split the laundry responsibility. He takes care of the laundry in his hamper and I take care of the laundry in my hamper. Sometimes we combine loads if we’re working with a small load.

5.) Determine a Schedule

What is your laundry schedule? Are you going to wash at least one load a day or are you going to save the entire task for one day of the week? For us, we wash at least one load of laundry a day. With two adults, two dogs (tackling their fur is a whole other post), and a one and a half year old, we can accumulate a lot of laundry in just one day. If we let it pile up over a few days, the laundry can be come overwhelming. Instead, we wash at least one load a day to stay on top of the potential mountains of dirty items.

Yes, it seems like my washer and dryer are always running but I love the sense of accomplishment I feel knowing that I’m staying on top of my laundry pile. My goal at the end of the day is to only have a few items (if any) in the hamper.

So, I’m guessing many of you might be thinking, do you do laundry all of the time? Clearly, there are so many better things in life than to be spending all of your time doing laundry, right? Yes, you are right … on both accounts. Because I’m always staying on top of the laundry in our house (at least 1-2 loads a day), I’m not buried in piles of dirty clothes and towels. I simply toss a load into the washer in the morning, put the load in the dryer, and then put the items away when they are done in the dryer. I’m never overwhelmed by laundry because I refuse to let it pile up.

To each their own, right?

6.) Treat Stains Quickly

Taking clothes out of the dryer only to see that a white shirt has stains on it can be frustrating. As soon as possible after stains occur, rinse or soak the garment in cold water, apply a stain remover, and wash the item. If the stain is still present after taking the item out of the washer, then apply the stain remover again and rewash the item.

7.) Choose the Right Water Temperature

Selecting the right water temperature for each load of laundry load is key for success.

  • Cold Water: Works well for delicate fabrics, items that might shrink, and sensitive dark colors that tend to bleed.  Cold water also saves money by reducing the cost of utilities.
  • Warm Water: Works well for moderately soiled clothing and man-made fabrics.
  • Hot Water: Works well for bedding and towels, cotton whites, and heavily stained work clothes.

8.) Handle Delicates With Care

It’s best to wash some bras and undergarments by hand instead of washing them via a rigorous washing machine cycle. If you’re set on washing these items in the washing machine, then purchase a lingerie bag and wash them on the delicate cycle.

9.) Fold and Put Away

Even though I dread the moment the dryer buzzer goes off, I feel such a great sense of accomplishment when the clothes, towels, and sheets are put away and organized. Instead of allowing my clothes, towels, and sheets to pile up, I tackle this chore right away. As soon as they come out of the dryer, I bring them from the laundry room and onto the living room couch. Right then and there, I fold the items and place them into organized piles. From there, they go into their respective closets and either onto hangers or onto shelves (depending on the items). And that’s that … out of sight out of mind. Click here to check out five simple ways to have a clean closet.

10.) Keep Appliances Clean

Your washer and dryer work hard to make sure they are providing the cleanest clothes, towels, bedding, etc. Show them a little love in return. You can either use baking soda, vinegar, or a store-bought cleaner to clean your washer. Be sure to wipe down the outside with warm, soapy water. As for your dryer, you can wipe down the inside and the lint trap with warm, soapy water. Here’s a great “how to” for cleaning a washer and dryer.

What are your favorite laundry tips?

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