Where Does the Time Go?

This week while I was playing on the ground with my son, he looked up at me and flashed me his toothy smile. My heart melted. I grabbed him to give him a big hug and he pushed me away. My heart ached. Where did my baby go? In what seems like a matter of minutes, he has transformed from an infant to a toddler.
It feels like just yesterday I would spend hours cuddling with him as he purred ever so gently on my chest. My husband and I would always talk about the future and how we couldn’t wait for him to roll over, sit up, stand up, walk, and say his first words. Now, all of that has happened and I can’t help but remember the times when all he wanted to do was cuddle.

But, I must admit, at the ripe old age of 14 months, our son makes my day each and every moment of every day. Even though he no longer wants to cuddle, I find enjoyment in the fact that his curiosity is beyond enormous. From socks to dog bowls, outlets to vents, he keeps us on our toes as we watch him experience the world around him.

When I’m not reading him a book or building blocks with him, I’m chasing him around the house as he crawls and walks around uncovering and discovering every nook and cranny. He doesn’t like to sit still for more than a few seconds before he’s off on a new adventure.

He cracks me up every day. He makes me smile every day. He makes me miss him being a baby every day. He makes me look forward to all of his adventures. He makes me love being a mom.

Seriously, where does the time go?

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