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Walk through my house and you’ll begin to notice that I have quite a love affair with gallery walls. From the basement to my son’s room to my office, my house’s walls are definitely covered in gallery walls. As a photographer, I have a lot of photos to display and I feel as though gallery walls allow me to do so while adding textured elements throughout the gallery.

When it comes to gallery walls, there are right ways to do them and wrong ways to do them. By following a few simple rules, you can create a gallery wall that you will love to look at every time you step into the room.

Tips for a Successful Gallery Wall

1.) Follow a Theme

You can use the same color picture frames, photography matte, or photo color. In my house, I love to display black and white photography. To make the photos pop off the tan walls, the photos are in black frames with white matting. Although the photos vary in size, the theme helps tie them together while looking organized and clutter-free.

2.) Use Textured Items

A gallery wall can include items that aren’t photos or frames. Feel free to add a letter, sign, star, or clock (to name a few) to give your gallery wall additional visual elements. Be sure that the textured items fit the overall look and feel of your gallery wall.

3.) Tell a Story

A gallery wall should tell a story, especially if you follow a theme and add textured items that fit the theme. Take for example the gallery wall in my office. All of the photos reveal a chapter of my life. From my days in college to my wedding to my pregnancy to my son, I love working in my office as I am surrounded by so many of my favorite memories.

4.) Embrace Your Creative Style

Some people love to create a gallery wall by using construction paper outlines. Others, like myself, prefer to create a gallery wall by using my eyes. I’ve tried to measure and do outlines but that method doesn’t work for me. Know your creative style and have fun with the project.

5.) Search the Internet

Do you feel like adding words and/or phrases to your gallery wall? There are so many resources on the Internet that will allow you to download and print free printables. Are you in the mood to make your own gallery wall? Be sure to check out these super cute printables. Also, the Internet is full of inspirational gallery wall. Pictured above are some gallery walls to get your creative juices flowing (links to the images are below).

Bedroom Gallery Wall by mikroimegaloi
Black and White Photo Gallery Wall featured by Decor Pad
Black and Tan Photo Gallery Wall featured by Better Homes & Gardens(and free)
Boys Gallery Wall featured by Apartment Therapy
Ledge Gallery Wall featured by Apartment Therapy
Staircase Gallery Wall by Forever Cotter

What’s your favorite gallery wall tip? 

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