How To Master Classic Layering Tricks

How To Master Classic Layering Tricks

There are numerous joys to look forward to during this glorious red, orange and golden fall season, one of them being the cute and stylish fall outfits. Admit it, you’ve been secretly longing for a style shift, and the cozy outfits fall brings.

Now, in order to look like an absolute fall goddess, it’s absolutely crucial to master a layering trick or two. There are very few style tricks out there that can add to the sophistication and panache to an outfit that can even begin to measure up to the trick of carefully executed layering. Besides, layers allow you to still keep some of your favorite summer pieces and style them in an entirely new way, and we know just how hard it is parting with beloved staple pieces.

To that end, we have created the list of ultimate tips and tricks that will have everyone in awe of your fashion ingenuousness.

How To Master Classic Layering Tricks

Embrace an old trick in a new light

One of the most memorable trends of the 90s is undoubtedly the ‘skirt over pants’ look. One must admit though, that this decade’s staple fashion choices left something to be desired, and this look, as well as numerous others, wasn’t executed with much skill or regard for cuts and fabric.

However, we’ve been given another shot at doing it right the second time around, and here’s how to go about it. The absolute best ‘pant’ are skinny jeans in a neutral hue (no embellishments and no washed jeans). A tulle pleated skirt in grey or silver is a wonderfully romantic and sexy choice for the completion of the look as it will give you a look that’s equal parts whimsical and alluring. Dresses are welcome aboard as well, and this works best if the dress in question has a drop waist ruffle as it oozes sweetness without being saccharine. Of course, a single color casual high-slit dress will give you a classy-casual goddess vibe like nothing else.

Rock the snug and stylish look

One of the most difficult garments to part with are those wonderful sheer women’s tops, but the good news is – there’s absolutely no need to do so for the time being, or ever for that matter. A great summer top is an essential layering garment that gives your long cardigans and fall trench coats a little ‘taste of summer’ and keeps your look interesting and playful even during the gloomiest of days. An oversized grey cardigan is just what this look needs and you can throw a trench (or a colorful blanket scarf) over your shoulders like fashion bloggers and celebrities do.

A great trench won’t only keep you warm but it will completely transform the outfit and bring it from casual to ultra-chic. Bonus: camel goes amazingly well with grey. For an additional touch of fall sexiness, thigh-high boots and a short skirt will definitely do the trick, although the outfit would be equally perfect if it consisted of skinny jeans and embroidered ankle boots.


Go preppy with a twist

A much beloved ‘sweater weather’ style can often lean towards Dullsville Street if you don’t put a bit of effort to spice it up. There are gorgeous sweaters out there, from snug to oversized, but one great garment does not an outfit make. A striped shirt under a snug sweater is an entirely different story and an entirely different style realm if you match it with a black A-line leather mini skirt.

You can take the minimal and monochromatic route with an evergreen white button down shirt and a thin black sweater or go down the playful and experimental route with an interesting colorful shirt for that pop of color. For an additional twist, black tights and funky army boots are just what the style doctor ordered. While on the subject of preppy, dresses haven’t been forsaken either. Another old trend that has made a great comeback is ‘dress over shirt’ and we have to say, it looks pretty darn good.

Follow the colorful road

Aside from making good choices when it comes to the fabrics you layer, it’s also important to be mindful of the color palette when you mix and match. Of course, you’re free to experiment and make each and every one of these suggestions your own. For instance, if you have a thing for animal prints, by all means, add it in the form of flamboyant outerwear, but make sure you keep the rest of the colors neutral otherwise you run the risk of going from bold to disastrous. The same goes with color blocks – one garment, for instance, the blanket scarf or classy poncho will be enough for a pop of color.

Finally, if you want to make sure you’re making the right color choices, there is always Pantone to consult, and as you can see, this fall will be filled with such warm tones as autumn maple, grenadine, shaded spruce, so take note and follow the Pantone color road.

What are your favorite layering tips?

About the Author: Sophia Smith is a beauty and style blogger and eco-lifestyle lover. She is very passionate about natural skincare and makeup, fashion and mindful living. Over the years she wrote pieces for: LA Fashion, Eco Warrior Princess, Viva Glam Magazine, Art of Healthy Living and Oh My Heartsie Girl. You can find out more about her writing following her on: FacebookTwitterGoogle+.

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