How to Switch Dog Food to a New Brand

How to Switch Dog Food to a New Brand

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There I was, standing in the dog food aisle having no idea what food to get my dog. I recalled seeing all sorts of commercials for dog food, but how could I tell which food was the right one for our dog? To me, the possibilities were a bit overwhelming. I started reading the packages and decided on a good, healthy option that seemed like one of the better products.

A few months went by and we started noticing a change in our dog’s appearance. He was starting to lose fur, especially around his eyes. The condition quickly progressed and we soon found ourselves in the veterinarian’s office talking about options. The veterinarian suggested that perhaps our dog was allergic to the food he was eating since that seemed to be the only change that he experienced recently.

We started our dog on a very strict diet to help narrow down the issues and quickly began to see a change his appearance again … but for the better this time around. His fur started growing back, his lethargy seemed to decrease, and his attitude was happier.

Once we figured out what was working for him and what wasn’t working for him, we signed up for a dog food delivery service since his specialty food was only available via the food service. We were paying an incredibly large amount of money every couple of weeks to have his specialty food delivered. At the time, especially when he was still healing, the expense was definitely worth it. But, overtime, I knew I needed to find a better option since the cost was too high.

I recently came across Nature’s Recipe while shopping at my nearby Walmart store. Given my experience with dog food options, I carefully read the label and learned that the product was made of high quality protein and did not contain corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors or preservatives, or poultry by-product meal. I noticed that Nature’s Recipe provides a lot of ‘Grain-Free’ options. Nature’s Recipe makes purposeful recipes with ingredients from nature with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients to provide exactly what dogs need to feel like their most vibrant self, each and every day.

How to Switch Dog Food to a New Brand

How to Switch Dog Food to a New Brand

For the past 35 years, Nature’s Recipe has only been sold at pet specialty stores. I was excited to learn that I can conveniently purchase a healthy, beneficial dog food option for our furry family member at our nearby Walmart for a low price. If you do not already buy Nature’s Recipe, but are pet parents who shop Walmart, be sure to check out Nature’s Recipe to provide your dog with a healthy meal option. To learn more about the product and how the recipes are crafted to bring out the best in your dog, be sure to visit this page:

How to Switch Dog Food to a New Brand

If you make the switch to Nature’s Recipe like we did for our dog, below are helpful, simple tips on how to switch dog food to a new brand. Based on our extensive history with dog food, allergies, and sensitive tummies, learning from our experience will help keep your furry family member happy and healthy.

How to Switch Dog Food to a New Brand

How to Switch Dog Food to a New Brand

Perhaps your dog needs to switch from puppy food to adult dog food, you don’t feel like your dog is getting all of the nutrition he/she needs, or your dog is having a negative experience with the current dog food. There are a number of reasons why it might be time to make the switch.

A dog’s stomach can be extremely sensitive, especially when it comes to switching to a new dog food brand. Be sure to keep these simple tips in mind when switching your dog food to a new brand to help make the transition easier on your dog.

  • Serve Half Old Pet Food and Half Nature’s Recipe
  • Serve Half Wet Dog food and Half Nature’s Recipe

Do you see a pattern? Due to the sensitivity of a dog’s stomach, it’s incredibly important to make the switching process slow and gradual. You shouldn’t feed your dog the old food one day and then all of a sudden start feeding the new food. The sudden change might result in upset stomach issues for your dog. By slowly introducing the new food over the course of a week, the dog’s stomach will be given time to adjust.

How to Switch Dog Food to a New Brand

Be sure to keep an eye on your dog throughout the transition. Is your dog drinking enough water? Does your dog seem more gassy? Are the bathroom sessions somewhat normal? If you start to see negative signs in any of these areas, then slow down the transition process to allow more time for a positive transition.

If the dog food transition is not working no matter how slowly you go with the food change, consider going back (slowly) to the old food as your dog may be allergic to some of the ingredients in the new food. If more serious issues arise during this transition like they did for our dog, then consult your veterinarian for more assistance.

How to Switch Dog Food to a New Brand

What are your favorite tips for switching dog food to a new brand?

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