Neutral Casual Clothing Items Perfect for Spring and Summer

Neutral Casual Clothing Items Perfect for Spring

The other weekend when it was unseasonably chilly, I went into our closet, took a look at the clothes that were on hangers and shelves, and decided I needed to do some purging. Every six months or so, I love to go through the items in my closet and decide what needs to stay and what needs to go. If I haven’t worn the item in a while and it’s in good condition, then it gets placed into the donation pile. If an item has seen better days, then it goes into the toss pile. If the item is in regular rotation, then you better believe that the item is staying on a hanger or on a shelf. 

After I went through all of my clothing items, I was staring at two massive bags full of clothes to donate. I couldn’t wait to drop them off at our local clothing donation location. 

But, then I took a look at my closet and notice that it was looking a little … well … empty. I only had a few shirts, a couple pairs of jeans, some shorts, and a few tank tops. Now, I’m not a fashionista by any means. Plus, I’m a work-at-home stay-at-home mom so it’s not like I need to worry about office attire. I like to keep my clothing simple but that’s what makes me feel confident and comfortable. In fact, take one look at my closet (or me on a daily basis) and you’ll see that I’m a jeans (skinny jeans to be exact) and tee (black almost 100% of the time) kind of gal.

I’ve tried to buy colorful shirts in the past but they are totally out of my comfort zone and never end up being worn. I know what I like and what I like is skinny jeans, neutral shirts (preferably black), tan boots or sandals, a tan bag, and aviators. That’s pretty much what I wear on a daily basis. As I sit here and type I’m wearing skinny jeans and a black t-shirt. 

The other day, I put on a shirt with some lace on it. I thought it was pretty cute since it was neutral, flowy, and the lace helped take the fashion factor up a notch (or so I thought). My four-year-old son took one look at me and said, “Mama, what are you wearing? No, no, no. Take it off. Put on the black shirt.” After I put on the black shirt he said, “Yes, that’s muuuuch better.” So, there you have it. He even knows what makes me comfortable and confident. 

In an effort to replenish my closet, I’ve been looking for some neutral casual clothing items that will be perfect for spring and even summer. 

Neutral Casual Clothing Items Perfect for Spring

Here are some great casual clothing items that I’ve been eyeing for the spring.

What are your favorite casual clothing items?

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