How To Clean Candle Wax from a Lantern

How To Clean Candle Wax from a Lantern

I have a candle holder on top of our dining room table and another candle holder on top of our kitchen table. I’m absolutely in love with the candle holders. They are more like glass lanterns but not really. They are rustic and go perfectly with our farmhouse decor in our home. The only problem is that it can be quite a chore to clean candle wax from the interior of the lanterns. The build up can become very thick and hard to remove from the small opening at the top of each of the lanterns.

Today as I was cleaning and tidying up the house, my eyes rested on the two lanterns. The wax build up in the lanterns was starting to get a bit out of control. Plus, the fact that the lanterns are glass made the problem even more visible.

So, I stopped procrastinating today. I thought of a trick on how to easily clean candle wax from the lanterns. Thankfully, my little trick worked. Now I have two beautiful lanterns that are free of candle wax buildup and burning residue.

I couldn’t help but notice how crystal clear the lanterns were today, especially as the sunlight hit them just the right way. Now that I have this neat little trick up my sleeve, I can easily stay on top of keeping clean candle holders.

How To Clean Candle Wax from a Lantern

How To Clean Candle Wax from a Lantern

Here’s a simple way to clean candle wax from a lantern:

  1. Fill the lantern with boiling hot water.
  2. Allow the water to sit in the lantern for a few minutes to soften the wax.
  3. Scoop out the clumps of wax using a spoon. If the wax is really stuck or is coming out in too big of clumps to fit through the lantern opening, then use a knife to cut the wax into smaller portions.
  4. Use a scrubber to scrub the inner walls of the lantern to clean away any residue.
  5. Allow the lantern to dry before putting another candle in the lantern.

What’s your favorite tip on how to clean candle wax from a lantern?

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