5 Home Decor Ideas for Decorating Small Spaces

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Want to enhance your space, but not sure how to get started? Showcase your style and make the most of every inch in your small living space with these smart and easy decorating ideas.

decorating small spaces

5 Home Decor Ideas for Decorating Small Spaces

Add a Room Divider

Room dividers can do more than divide your space. When chosen with care, room dividers bring style, color and storage solutions. Explore sizes and styles of room dividers and choose one that fits well into your space.

A room divider shouldn’t overpower your living area, but subtly enhance it. In tight spaces, room dividers can serve several purposes, such as being a headboard or a desk on one side, or add hooks for a coat rack on the other side. Some room dividing options to explore include shelves, curtains and sliding barn doors.

Use Clever Storage Solutions

No small space decorating project is complete until the right storage solutions are found. Properly organize your living space to maximize square footage and to maximize the impact of décor. Canvas bins or storage boxes with knobs and pulls serve dual purposes of function and style.

Keep kitchen clutter contained by exploring smart storage hacks or create a combined guest room and office using multi-functional furniture. Don’t feel limited by a small space. Instead, use clever storage solutions to maximize every inch.

Explore Patterns and Colors

Walls in small living spaces don’t have to be white. Vibrant patterns and bold accent colors bring personality and take the focus away from a room’s size. Don’t use this advice to go crazy with color. Instead, add color with purpose. Do this by drawing the focus toward a room’s vibrant centerpiece and not to the room’s size.

Patterned wall paper is an excellent option for small bathrooms or entryways. If you live in an apartment and can’t paint the walls, find wall hangings that serve similar purposes. The colors and patterns you choose should feel natural to your style and should match the living space’s overall feel.

Enhance Nooks and Crannies

Don’t let any space go unused. This doesn’t mean that every inch of flooring should be covered in furniture. Rather, spaces under the stairs or small closets can easily be converted to reading nooks or desk spaces. Start thinking outside of the box to explore new possibilities for using one room for multiple purposes, such as hiding a guest bed in your living room.

Stay Organized

Decorating a small space is fun. The real work comes after the project is complete, when you must keep the clutter at bay. Stay organized by creating a cleaning and organizing schedule. If you live with roommates, work together on a schedule that everyone agrees to maintain. Designate which storage spaces should contain which types of items and stick to that plan. If possible, rotate a few main decorations with the seasons to keep your space looking fresh and fun.

Great things come in small sizes. Make the most of your small living space by using clever storage solutions, by choosing patterns and colors that match your personality and more.

What’s your favorite way to decorate a small space?

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