Friday Find: My Favorite Hand Lotion


I’ve been through countless hand lotions. When I say I have severely dry hands, I’m not lying. It could be 100% humid outside and 99 degrees and my hands can still suffer from dryness. Why? I like to wash my hands. A lot. I mean a lot a lot. Like, all the time. You would think that with all of the water on my hands that my hands would be filled with moisture.

Nope. Not at all.

In fact, it’s the direct opposite.

At night, it can sometimes be hard to move my fingers because my hands are so dry. It’s ridiculous.

When my cousin recently visited us, her and I decided to get our nails done. She wanted to spruce up her toes and I need a manicure. We departed ways at the counter as she walked over to the pedicure chairs and I walked over to the manicure station.

I could tell that the woman doing my manicure was looking at my dry hands. I was so self conscious. This isn’t the first time I’ve felt this way about my hands. A few weeks ago, I was getting bloodwork done. The technician looked at my hands and asked if I worked in a field that required me to wear gloves. She had a dry hand issue because her field made her wear gloves.

My response: “No, I just wash my hands a lot.”

The same question by asked by the nail technician. I told her the same thing. “No, I just wash my hands a lot.”

I know there seems to be a simple solution: Stop washing your hands so much. But, I’ve been battling this pretty much my whole life.

In order to help get me through the day, I’ve tried so many different types of hand lotions. Nothing seemed to work.

And then the nail technician told me that she suffered from dry hands too. She took a tub out of her desk and showed it to me. She said, “You need to get this. They don’t sell it in the store. You’ll have to buy it online. But, it works. Trust me. My hands are so much better after using it.”

So, as soon as my nails were dry enough to use my phone, I quickly clicked the Amazon button, typed in Glysomed, and clicked the “order” button.

My Favorite Hand Lotion

Two days later the package arrived and my hands were forever changed. After one application I could tell a massive difference. My hands started to feel smoothe. I could move them without any pain. The redness seemed to disappear.

I was hooked.

It’s been less than a week (five days to be exact) and my hands have¬†improved exponentially. I cannot believe it. I seriously want to go back to the nail technician and give her the biggest hug.

In fact, I might just do that when I go back to her to get my nails done again. What a lifesaver.

So, if you have a dry hand issue, click on this link and purchase a tub of Glysomed. You don’t be disappointed.

What’s your favorite hand cream?

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored by Glysomed. I just really love the product.

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