5 Ways to Use Dry Shampoo to Add Volume to Hair

5 Ways to Use Dry Shampoo to Add Volume to Hair

Usually, when women think of dry shampoo, they think, “Must have for unwashed hair.” Why? Because it helps soak up oily hair, gives hair a nice scent, and keeps it looking clean. But, for those of us who have limp hair, dry shampoo can help in a different way.

I have a lot of hair but it’s a lot of thin hair. I’m always trying to find ways to add more volume, give it bounce, and keep it looking healthy. I’ve tried volumizing mousse, texturing spray, backcombing techniques, hairspray … the list goes on an on. I also tried going a day without washing my hair and using dry shampoo to see if that would help give volume to my locks. Unfortunately, I really can’t stand the feeling of unwashed hair so I end up washing my hair every day.

When I wash my hair, I start every day off with clean, fresh hair that is begging for more volume. So, I add a bit of volumizing spray or mousse prior to blow drying my hair. Then, I use a huge round brush when blow drying my hair to help keep the volume strong.

After I’m done putting waves in my hair using a flat iron, I’m left with hair that needs more bounce and texture. What do I turn to?

Dry shampoo.

Yes, even though my hair is clean and oil free, I need something to add more texture to it so I look to dry shampoo for help. And, thankfully, it does the trick.

5 Ways to Use Dry Shampoo to Add Volume

1.) Boost Volume

Spray dry shampoo on your dry roots. When you’re done styling your hair, spray some more dry shampoo all over to help boost volume.

2.) Add Texture

Dry shampoo not only helps take away an oily look to hair, but it also helps add texture. Since dry shampoo isn’t heavy and it has a tendency to dry your locks, you’ll have hair texture that looks thick and full.

3.) Use on Wet Hair

I recently read that spraying dry shampoo on wet or damp hair will help expand your hair strands. So, when you use your blow dryer, the strands will only continue to expand and have a thicker feel to them. By using dry shampoo on wet hair, you can also help lock in the style that you create when using a round brush while blow drying.

4.) Create Lasting Volume

If you backcomb sections of your hair, then be sure to spray a bit of dry shampoo on the roots after backcombing to help add instant volume and lock in the look.

5.) Lock in Your Style

I love adding waves to my hair, especially now that my hair is ombre color. When I spray on dry shampoo and then put waves into my hair using a flat iron, the dry shampoo helps lock in the waves which, ultimately, give my hair more body, bounce, and volume.

What’s your favorite hair styling secret?

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