7 Super Cute Messy Braid Hairstyles


I’m in the process of growing out my hair. My hair has been an angled, layered, long bob for years. Since I have a lot of thin hair, that hairstyle has always seemed to do the trick.

Oh, and the sideswept bang has been a staple of mine since my early college days. After years of having my brother make fun of my forehead, I had a couple cocktails one night, handed my college suitemate a pair of scissors, and asked her to cut me sideswept bangs. Yes, you have to love liquid courage. After styling them, I took one look in the mirror and knew that the sideswept bangs were here to stay.

Fast forward a few years down the road when I met my then-boyfriend/now-husband. I got the courage (probably thanks to a few cocktails, again) to pin back my bangs. After he took one look at me without my sideswept bangs, a big smile crossed his face as he walked over and kissed my forehead. I knew he was a keeper. He loves my forehead and asked me to pin back my bangs every chance he can get. I sort of look at my bangs as a comfort blanket. Is that strange?

I’ve never been one to shy away from hair color. I have played around with different hair lengths. I always look at my hair as a thing that will just grow back if I don’t like a cut. I’ve never been one to spend hours at the salon. I’ve gone months and months and months without getting a hair cut. Oh, and for the past four years, I decided to avoid coloring my hair to bring me back to my roots … literally. For years I kept fighting the subtle red natural highlights in my hair. And then, poof. Four years ago I decided that I actually loved my natural hair color. Go figure.

Yes, one might say that I’m a total tomboy and I’m quite alright with that.

However, I’ve been wanting a change in my hairstyle for a little while now. Do I go lighter? Should I add highlights? Should I chop it again? Or, should I grow it out? And then that’s when I came across so many super cute braid hairstyles. I have Pinterest to thank for that.

So, I’ve decided to grow out my hair. I’m at that funky in-between stage where I either need to get it cut or grin and bear it until it grows a few more inches. It’s taking a lot of willpower to not race to the salon to get a few inches chopped off.

7 Super Cute Messy Braid Hairstyles

In order to maintain my willpower, I’m sharing 7 super cute braid hairstyles that will give me just the motivation I need to let my hair continue to grow out so that one day I, too, can sport one of these super cute looks.


via Pretty Designs


via Refinery29


via Green Wedding Shoes


via Sincerely Kinsey


via Fashionisers


via Coiffure


via Makeup Tutorials

What’s your favorite hairstyle?

First photo via Unsplash.

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