20 Simple Ways to Add Curb Appeal

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Now that the warmer months are finally here (well, at least in Maryland they are), my husband and I have had fun venturing out into our yard to spruce up the exterior of our home.

We moved into our house a little over two years ago and have been trying to make updates to make the house feel more like our home. We’ve been making a huge amount of changes throughout the interior of the home. As for the exterior, we made a bit of progress last year. But, this year, after allowing some time to brainstorm changes, we are ready to really make some big changes to the curb appeal.

This past weekend, my husband did a phenomenal job removing bricks, adding stones, mulching flowerbeds, laying down sod. We also bought a new bush for the front corner of the home. I cannot wait to continue to see the changes be implemented over the next month.

These changes that we are making are not huge in terms of size and dollar amounts.

We’re not refacing or painting our home. We’re not ripping out our driveway. We’re not adding any porches.

We’re fixing up flowerbeds. We’re adding stones. We’re changing out our front door and hardware. We’re replacing light fixtures.

I tell you … little changes can go a long way to help give your house the curb appeal that it craves.

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20 Simple Ways to Add Curb Appeal

As we prepare our homes for the warmers months, here are simple ways to add curb appeal:

1.) Change the hardware on the door

From the handles to the doorknocker, after one stop at your local home improvement store, you’ll have what you need to change out the hardware on your door.

2.) Replace your front door

We recently replaced our front door and … wow. What a huge difference the door makes to not only our exterior but also our interior. With all of the windows, the door lets in so much light. Plus, by switching out the dark green door with a light wood door, the front of our house really pops.

3.) Install new light fixtures

We also just replaced a lot of our exterior lights in order to freshen up the look. When we bought the house, the previous lights were old and a bit stuffy. The new light designs help give the house a fresh, new look.

4.) Trim the bushes

Your front yard bushes can tend to get a little chaotic. By simply trimming them every couple of weeks or once a month, you’ll stay on top of this task while keeping the front of your home looking neat and tidy.

5.) Add a plant to your front porch

Either create symmetry to your front porch by placing plants on either side of your front door. Or, if you have a large front porch, add plants throughout your front porch. If you have a large overhang, think about maybe adding some hanging ferns to give your front porch a fresh, green look.

6.) Weed your flowerbeds

Weeds grow at exponential rates. One day? No weeds. The next days? Weeds everywhere. Stay on top of your weed situation by weeding your flowerbeds.

7.) Mulch your flowerbeds

Once you are done cleaning out and weeding your flowerbeds, be sure to place mulch throughout your flowerbeds. We recently picked up some mulch from the local home improvement store that fights against weed growth. Mulch really helps pull the look together.

8.) Mow the lawn

Create a schedule on mowing the lawn. In our neighborhood, it’s a race to see who can get out to the lawnmower first. People love mowing their lawns in our neighborhood which is great. Why? Because it keeps homes looking nice and the neighborhood looking beautiful.

9.) Use a weed wacker

Lawnmowers have a hard time getting the nooks and crannies. Be sure to use a weed wacker to attack the longer grass that can’t be reached by the lawnmower.

10.) Install outdoor lighting

Whether you opt for sidewalk lighting or uplighting on the house, outdoor lighting can help add safety and security. Solar fixtures are a great option so that you don’t have to worry about electrical outlets or running up the electricity bill.

11.) Create a container garden

If your front porch allows room for it, create a container garden that features a wide variety of flowers and plants to add depth and texture to a front porch.

12.) Fix up your mailbox

Add a fresh coat of paint on your mailbox, change the numbers on the mailbox, add flowers around your mailbox … the possibilities are endless.

13.) Change your house numbers

From bronze to gold to silver to white, there are so many different options for house numbers. You can even get a house number plague to put on your home.

14.) Add stones

Do you want to add a bit of dimension and style to a garden, surround the garden with bricks or stones to help offset it from the rest of the landscape while also helping to tie everything together.

15.) Hang flower boxes

An easy way to add a pop of color is to hang flower boxes and fill them with beautiful flowers. You can see our shed in our backyard from the road and when looking out at our backyard. I love hanging flower boxes on either side of the shed and filling them with flowers to add some dimension, color, and beauty to the shed in our backyard.

16.) Liven up flowerbeds

When we first moved into our home a little less than two years ago, we wanted to give the flowerbeds a chance to show us what would come up throughout the summer. Since then, we’ve been replacing bricks with stones, tearing out old bushes, planting new flowers, etc. to make the exterior more of our design taste. Small changes can make such a big difference. Also, be sure to add beautiful flowers to your flowerbeds.

17.) Fix up your driveway

Driveways can tend to look a bit worn over time. I don’t blame them. With all of the wear and tear that they receive, how can you not look a bit tired? If you have a stone driveway, then replenish the rocks. If you have a paved driveway, think about sealing it (we hired a company last year to seal our driveway for less than $200).

18.) Add a bench, chair, or swing

I am obsessed with the look of front porches. There’s nothing more inviting than a front porch with a bench, chair, or a swing. I could spend all day out there.

19.) Replace the doormat

Doormats can get gross and smelly over time. Think about adding a new doormat to your cart the next time you’re at the store.

20.) Fix the railings

The railings on a porch can grow old over time. Plus, they can become a safety concern due to the harsh weather they endure. Be sure to fix your railing and add a new splash of paint or stain on them to keep them look neat and tidy.

What’s your favorite simple trick for adding curb appeal to your home?

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