Simple Steps for a Beautiful Flower Arrangement

Simple Steps for a Beautiful Flower Arrangement

When I go to the grocery store, more than half the time I shop, I always end up in the flower department. Picking up a few grocery store bouquets of flowers is totally part of my routine. The flowers at my nearby grocery store are beautiful, fragrant, and simple. And, as you can imagine, I’m all about simplicity.

By purchasing one or a few bouquets of flowers for just a few dollars, you can easily have beautiful, fresh flowers throughout your home. Flowers inside the home are an easy way to bring freshness into the home while making your home brighter and welcoming.

I think I might have picked up this habit from my Mom. She loves to stop by the flower department in her grocery store. Growing up, she would always have fresh flowers in the home. To this day, whenever I visit my parent’s house, she still makes it a point to have fresh flowers throughout the home. Picking up flowers while grocery shopping is a special treat that I love to do for myself.

During this past Easter, while grocery shopping for Easter dinner ingredients, my Mom grabbed a beautiful bouquet of white lilies. They were the perfect complement to the white tulips that were placed throughout our home. When my in-laws showed up on that day, my mother-in-law handed me a couple bouquets of white tulips. I excitedly clipped the ends, place the flowers in mason jars, and placed them on tabletops in our home.

My Dad looked at the flowers and said, “You could open up your own flower shop.” I swear, there’s nothing like having fresh flowers in a home. Don’t you agree?

Simple Steps for a Beautiful Flower Arrangement

So, when it comes to making a flower arrangement, the simpler the better. Here are simple steps to follow to achieve a beautiful flower arrangement:

  1. Stop by your local florist or flower department at your local grocery store.
  2. Pick a few bouquets of flowers that follow a theme. Are you going for rustic? A single color? Holiday theme? Think of your theme and find a few bouquets that will help you create the look that you want for your flower arrangement.
  3. Choose your vase. I usually opt for a mason jar since they have rustic charm. Plus, with different sizes of mason jars in my collection, I can find one that match the look and size of the arrangement. But, take for example the lilies that my Mom gifted to me on Easter. Since the stems were long and I wanted to keep them that way, I chose a vase that slim and tall. For sunflowers, I love putting them in a glass pitcher. So, think about your flowers and theme in order to pick a vase that will help you get the right look for your arrangement.
  4. Snip the ends of the stems at a 45-degree angle.
  5. Remove wilted leaves, flowers, etc. Also, be sure to remove any leaves that will touch the water.
  6. Add warm or lukewarm/room temperature water to the vase.
  7. (Optional) Use Scotch/clear tape and create a checkerboard system on the opening of your vase. That way, when you place the flowers in the vase, you can stick them in the little squares that the tape makes. This will technique will help keep flowers in their place.
  8. Place flowers in the vase.
  9. Place the flower vase away from heat and vents in your home.
  10. Enjoy the beauty and freshness in your home. You can recut the stems and change out the water as necessary.

Oh, and if you bring home hydrangeas (my favorite flower), then be sure to check out this helpful, simple tip.

How often do you buy flowers from the store?

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