5 Ways to Change Your Hair Without a Haircut

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I feel like I’ve had the same haircut for year. Yes, the length kind of fluctuates from short to medium length. But, the style and color are pretty much the same. The style? Angled, layered bob with sideswept bangs The color? Dark brown (my natural color since I stopped adding color to my hair four years ago).

A few months ago, my hair was starting to get really long and the angled bob was looking like a bit of a mess if I didn’t add waves to it.

I needed a change.

So, I decided to say goodbye to the angled bob and say hello to an even cut with long layers and sideswept bangs.

What I love most about my hair (even though it’s thin and I would love thick hair … what girl is ever happy with her hair?), is that I can wear it straight, wavy, or curly and it will stay that way pretty much all day (if I don’t get caught in rain or snow).

Even though I’ve had the same cut for a long time (and my recent even cut isn’t that much of a change), I always have fun changing up the look and feel of my hair by either straightening, adding waves, or throwing it up in a messy ponytail.

Recently, I decided to grow out my hair. I’ve wanted long hair for quite a while but things start to look like a dead animal on top of my head and I get the urge to get a cut … and then I’m back to short/medium hair again.

So, as you can image, I’m trying to come up with ways to change up my hair without a haircut as I grow out my hair.

5 Ways to Change Your Hair Without a Haircut

If you love your cut but need a slight change, are growing your hair out, or just looking for something new and exciting for your hair, here are five ways to change up your current hairstyle.

1.) Change Your Part

Do you always part your hair on the side? Change it up and part your hair down the middle. This seems like a simple change but it can completely transform your look. I always used to part my hair to the left. A few years ago, I changed up my part to the right. I couldn’t believe that the small change made such a big difference.

2.) Straighten or Add Waves

If you usually wear your hair straight, add some waves to it and vice versa. My straightener helps me either straighten my hair or add waves to it. If you’re not sure how to add waves using a straightener/flat iron, here’s a great tutorial that will help you add waves to your hair.

3.) Wear a Ponytail

I wear my hair down 99% of the time. The other 1% is either in a hat or up in a messy ponytail. You can either do a sleek, tight ponytail or tease your hair a bit and tie it back in a messy ponytail. Since I have sideswept bangs and love jeans and a t-shirt, I prefer the messy ponytail.

4.) Braid Your Hair

Braids can help add dimension and texture to a hairstyle. Here are seven messy braid ideas that are super cute.

5.) Play with Spray

Add a bit of volumizing mousse, sea salt spray, or any other texturing spray that will change the look and feel of your hair.

What’s your favorite way to change up your hairstyle?

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