10 Simple Tips for Newborn Photography

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Babies are just about the most adorable little things ever. Am I right? From their sweet sounds to their tiny toes, I cannot get enough of the cutie pies, especially when going through a newborn photography session.

But, let’s face it. Babies can also be unpredictable. One minute they might be happy. The next minute they might be sad. Most of the time they are sleepy. But, when they start crying, look out. They can be happy campers and unhappy campers.

So, if you have a newborn photography session coming up, how will you prepare for it? From choosing the right atmosphere and photography props to creating a checklist, there are many tips and tricks to consider when you’re getting ready for a newborn photography session.

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10 Simple Tips for Newborn Photography

Here are 10 tips to help you capture a newborn in a safe, stress-free, and creative way.

1.) Keep the Baby Warm

The warmer the baby, the happier the baby. To avoid an unhappy baby, place a space heater in the room to increase the temperature. You can also place blankets in the dryer and warm them up before placing the baby on them. If you’re sweating during the photo shoot, then the room is warm enough for the baby.

2.) Feed the Baby

If the baby is hungry, then the baby will not be happy. The baby should be fed right before the photo shoot begins so that his/her tummy is full. Plus, a full tummy will make the baby more relaxed during the photo shoot.

3.) Select Props

Decide on what look and feel you want your photos to have and then make sure that you have the necessary props, decor, blankets, baskets, etc. on hand to make that look and feel come to life in your photos. You can also dress the baby in cute hats and bows.

4.) Schedule Early

The best time to capture newborns on film is within the first 14 days after the birth. During that time frame, that’s when babies are the most sleepy. Babies this young can also curl up into super cute positions and adorable poses. Be careful not to photograph the baby too early or else you might encounter jaundiced skin.

5.) Bathe the Baby

Make sure the baby has a bath right before the photo shoot. Not only will the baby be calmer during the photography session, but the baby will be clean and his/her hair will be fluffy instead of greasy.

6.) Stay Calm and Relaxed

Photographing babies can be frustrating at times. Plus, by keeping the room hot for the baby, you might grow a little uncomfortable. Take a deep breath and stay calm. The calmer you stay, the happier the baby will be. The warmer the baby is, the easier the newborn photography session will be.

7.) Practice Safety

Even though you are trying to create the perfect photos, you must remember that the subject of the photos is a newborn baby. You never want to use props or put the baby in a position that will place the baby in danger. You never want to force a baby into a particular pose or situation. Be sure to use common sense when it comes to photographing newborns.

8.) Research Positions and Styles

Prior to portrait photo sessions, research subject positions and photography styles. Create a shot list so that you know what shots you want to create. Using a checklist will result in a shorter amount of time spent photographing the newborn. Plus, the checklist will ensure that you capture all of the poses, faces, etc. that you desire.

9.) Photograph in Natural Light

Natural light is so flattering. However, keep in mind that you don’t want harsh natural light. Instead, you want to photograph subjects in soft natural light. You should photograph newborns either during the mid-morning hours or during the late afternoon hours.

10.) Understand Accidents Happen

Be sure to have plenty of blankets, wipes, etc. on hand to take care of the mess. If shooting the baby in a diaper, you can hide the diaper with blankets, bloomers, or a diaper cover.

What are your favorite tips for newborn photography?

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