Grocery Shopping with “The Mayor”

When I used to go grocery shopping, I was always head down and focused. I would cruise up and down the aisles grabbing what I needed. From the produce section to the meat department, I was a girl on a mission. In and out in the most streamlined way was my task. I hardly talked to anyone and gave out the occasional smiles to passersby. I was laser-focused. And then came my son.

I like to call him “The Mayor.” Why is that? Because he smiles, waves, and says “Hi” to anyone and everyone in our path. As soon as I place him in the front part of the cart, he immediately turns around, puts one leg up on the seat, drapes his arm around the back of the seat, and gets in position to make as many friends as possible.

The photo above is my view while grocery shopping. Hardly ever seeing his face, I’m confident that he’s at the ready to flash a big smile and greet the next customer. People can’t help but wave and say “hello” back to him. Smiles and waves sometimes lead to conversations with other parents and grandparents. My son will even make an occasional friend if he sees a child close to his age while waiting in line to checkout. 
As I’ve mentioned before, he is quite the character. 
One day while I was selecting a rotisserie chicken, I had an encounter with a woman that sent me through a roller coaster ride of emotions and reactions:
Woman at grocery store: Wow, your son is so cute …
Me: Oh, thank you so much (while Hudson was smiling and waving at her)
Woman at grocery store: … and quite the flirt. Is he into older woman? [insert my awkward laughter] Because I have a 2 1/2 year old niece.
Like I said, grocery shopping with Hudson, aka “The Mayor,” is always an adventure. Man, does he crack me up.
What’s your favorite grocery shopping tip?

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