[June 2018] 11 Things

[June 2018] 11 Things

Welcome to a new feature on How To: Simply … 11 Things! Each month, I’m going to be sharing 11 things about my life, as well as 11 items that I’m absolutely loving during that month. Fun, right? Yes, I’m all about sharing tips and tricks that help simplify life. But, I thought I would provide some personal info about yours truly (aka moi). So, without further ado …

[JUNE] 11 Things that Happened This Month

  1. I crossed a bucket item off my list a few days ago. I finally saw U2. My in-laws came over to our house to watch the kiddos while my husband and I went to the city to see one of my favorite bands. We hit up many of our favorite restaurants, enjoyed cocktails, danced to the music (well, I danced), closed out a few bars, and spent the night in a haunted hotel. After sleeping in (I forgot what that was like), we went to one of my favorite markets in the city for lunch and then made the drive back to our home. It was so nice escaping to the city and crossing off a bucket list item.
  2. We booked our 10-year anniversary to Banff. My husband and I are celebrating 10 years in September and I can’t wait to pack our bags and go to Banff in January. From dogsledding and ice skating to snowmobiling and exploring, I can’t wait to cross off a few more bucket items with my main man.
  3. I switched up my workout routine and am now doing the Alexia Clark workouts every morning. I used to do the BBG workouts, but needed a change of pace. I’m still working out six days a week and have been doing so since the beginning of the year. I love holding myself accountable and the results have been fun to witness and feel.#humblebrag I’m tempted to venture into posting about healthy living. Thoughts?
  4. I took the kiddos to one of our favorite spots and snapped some photos of them. I can’t believe how much they have grown. My son is such a little man and my gal pal is growing up too quickly.  You can check out the photos on my photography site.
  5. Speaking of my gal pal … she is becoming quite the Chatty Cathy. Saying things like “otay” for “Okay” has my heart exploding all of the time. 

[June 2018] 11 Things

  1. Our son moved up a class in his preschool and it took everything not to shed a tiny tear. He’s in his last class before he goes off to the “big kids school.” What. The. Heck.
  2. We renewed our Costco membership (hello, two kids) and I can’t get enough of it. I have no idea why we stopped going. That place is a game changer. Anyone else love Costco? We make it a family outing pretty much every weekend.
  3. And, speaking of Costco, we bought new pillows yesterday. I love switching out our pillows every six months or so. My old pillow was starting to make my neck feel a little sore. I slept on the new pillow last night and I feel like a brand new person today. Guys, change your pillows on the regular.
  4. Our neighbor’s dog turned 17 a few days ago and I went to my first dog birthday party. It was so fun buying her all sorts of tasty treats and a cute birthday bandana. Happy Birthday, Sasha!
  5. This month was filled with Father’s Day, my Mom’s birthday, and my Dad’s birthday (to name a few celebrations). I hope that everyone who had a special celebration this month loved their celebration.
  6. Our vegetable garden now has tomato plants that are taller than our kiddos. I’ve never really had a green thumb (always working on it). So, to say that I’m excited would be a huge understatement.

[JUNE] 11 Items I’m Loving Right Now

As I mentioned before, each month I’ll be sharing 11 items that I’m loving right now. Check out my June picks below. If you want to grab an item for yourself, a loved one, and/or a friend, simply hover over the item and click on the + sign.

What are you loving right now?

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