3 Chic Ways to Dress Up a White Tee

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One of the most beloved, but in the same time underestimated garment is a white t-shirt. These are coming in all shapes and sizes and can be appropriate for various occasions, from casual brunch to a business meeting or a night-out. It’s timeless and it fits many styles and fashion trends.

So, if you have a couple of white tees lying in your closet and you aren’t sure how to revitalize them, here are some tips on how to make your white tee chic again.

3 Chic Ways to Dress Up a White Tee

Rock the Classic Denim

One of the best fashion outfits is a white tee combined with a pair of jeans. So simple, but yet so effective. For a casual, sporty look, stick to a proven duo of these two, but, if you want to bring them up on a fashion scale, spice it a little bit with details.

Keep in mind that jeans and accessories should fit the occasion you’re heading to. For a more fashionable appearance, choose some trendy model of pants, like ripped, boyfriend or high-waist jeans and combine it with a short, cut tee or a bit longer one that you can tuck into them. For a completely astonishing look, wear a bold pair of high heels; when heading to a more classy venue, add a fitting jacket and some matching jewelry.

Embrace The “Lingerie Tee” Trend

Yes, you’ve read it correctly. One of the hottest trends is an effective bra under a simple white t-shirt. It’s supposed to be in a bold color and a pallet is your choice; you can go with black or even some neon colors.

On the other hand, styled top lingerie are also in focus of latest trends. With this outfit, you certainly won’t need accessories, but, you should be careful when following this brave tendency, because it can easily look tacky and inappropriate. In order to avoid it, it would be good to choose a nice and classy model. Even if this “transparent” trend is too much for you, keep in mind that an appropriate and quality lingerie is crucial when wearing a white tee, so it would be best to wear a classic nude bra underneath it, like Leonisa has in its collection.

Find Your Own Style

Imagine a white tee like a blank canvas that you can paint on. Let your imagination run wild and feel free to combine LWT with anything you like. Even if you aren’t secure in your style sense − don’t worry, you don’t need to be a fashion blogger for this, because it’s very hard to go wrong. It’s all about matching the right details, so check your closet and improvise a little bit. Until then, we’ll give you a couple more directions on how to do it.

  • If you’re heading to some casual daily meeting, enhance a simple combination of t-shirt and jeans with a pair of white strappy sandals and white bigger bag.
  • White tee perfectly matches with shorts, whether it’s denim or a more elegant variant. For a daily occasion, combine it with short jeans and sneakers or flats, but for an evening occasion dressy shorts would be more appropriate.
  • Don’t forget about the classiest black and white combination: a white t-shirt can combine with black leather leggings, slim pants or a pencil and midi skirt, but you should pay attention when matching fabrics.
  • Since your canvas is empty, you can fulfill it with any colors or patterns you like. Combine a tee with a patterned pants or use accessories (a clutch bag, jewelry or scarf) and shoes (heels, wedges, boots or effective sandals) to vivid your outfit.

As you see, if you thought that a simple white tee can’t be a statement piece, you were terribly wrong. You should just dress it up a little and it can be fabulous for more than one occasion.

What’s your favorite way to wear a white tee?

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