Simple Spice Organization Tip + 15 Spice Organizers

Simple Spice Organization Tip + 15 Spice Organizers

A few weeks ago, I went through a massive organization spree and hit just about every nook and cranny in our home. From our storage room to our knife drawer, not a single area was left untouched as I purged, cleaned, and organized.

I like to stay on top of the organization of our home, especially the kitchen, since I can’t stand “stuff.” For the most part, if an item hasn’t been touched in six months or so, you can bet that the item will be found in either the “trash” or “donation” pile. I don’t have patience for things in our home that are not used on a regular basis since clutter in a home tends to clutter my mind. It’s very hard for me to function with clutter. Am I alone on this?

Simple Spice Organization Tip

Speaking of clutter, for the longest time, I’ve always struggled with keeping my spice cabinet organized. In our last home and in our current home, I had a cabinet dedicated to our spices. Before I knew it, spices were piling up and duplicating (sometimes even tripling).

During my latest organization spree, I knew I needed to figure out a solution for my spice organization problem. I took out every single spice in our cabinet and tossed spices that were old/expired. If I came across spices that were doubled or tripled, I kept the container that was the newest and tossed the older container(s).

Next, I picked a drawer in our kitchen that was full of odds and ends that were hardly ever used. I tossed everything in that drawer. Yes, everything. I mentioned that I can’t stand “stuff,” right?

Once the drawer was emptied, I took the spice containers and put them on their sides in the drawer. It just so happened that I had the perfect amount of spices to nicely line the drawer.

By organizing spices in this format, I can easily see what spices I have, what spices are running low, what spices need to be replaced, etc. Plus, I won’t double or triple up on spices since I can clearly see what types of spices I have on hand.

Now, all that’s left in my old spice cabinet are the following items: large container of Kosher salt, large container of salt, large container of pepper, honey, extra virgin olive oil, cooking spray, container full of sugar packets for coffee for guests, hot cocoa packets … and that’s it. My father-in-law recently stayed at our house and when he opened the cabinet to get a sugar packet for his coffee he said that the cabinet reminded him of a grocery since everything was in a nice and neat order.

From here on out, my big ticket items will be placed in the cabinet while my spices will be placed in the drawer. I know where everything is and how much I have of everything. Organization at its finest, if you ask me.

15 Spice Organizers You Will Love

Perhaps this system won’t work for you. That’s totally fine. Here are 15 great spice organizers so you’re bound to find one that will help you create a spice organization system that will work for you.

What’s your favorite tip for spice organization?

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  1. I would need multiple drawers—and then I would have to find a place for the things in the drawers. I have, probably 65 spices–and I use every one of them weekly (okay, the cardamom not as often as that) I have the shelf thingy, and the racks on the doors, the pull out racks and the ‘clampers’— but the spices still take up a LOT of room.. (but my food is most excellent)

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