50 Items to Throw Away or Donate for a Clutter-Free Home

50 Items to Throw Away or Donate for a Clutter-Free Home

Do you have piles of paperwork on your counter and laundry on your floor? When tabletops and rooms are cluttered, the whole space can feel a bit chaotic. Without any order, stress-levels might increase since the space is anything but calm. So, what to do? It’s all about decluttering. Don’t think of “decluttering” as a scary word. With just a few simple steps, you can keep, toss, or donate items and you’ll be well on your way to a clutter-free home.

3 Simple Steps to Take for a Clutter-Free Home

Step #1: Choose an area to declutter.

From using storage bins to following routines, there are many ways to clear out clutter from a home. But, after living in a home for a while, clutter might seem like regular decor. So, it’s important to take note of certain areas in your home that can quickly accumulate clutter.

Step #2: Separate into piles: Toss, Donate, Keep

If you haven’t used items in months or even years, it’s time to toss them because they are taking up space. If you decide to hang onto something, take note on when you use it next. If it takes a long time to use it, then you might want to reconsider holding onto it.

Step #3: Don’t let clutter pile up after you declutter.

As we all know, clutter can multiply quickly. By staying on top of it on a regular basis, you’ll be able to help keep your home free of items you no longer need. Another upside? When cleaning out clutter, be sure to keep in mind what items can be donated. Decluttering can be a win-win.

30-Day Declutter Challenge

It’s never too late to start decluttering and there’s no time like the present to begin the 30-Day Declutter Challenge. Each day, focus on a new space in your home to declutter.

  • Day 1: Refrigerator
  • Day 2: Pantry
  • Day 3: Cupboards
  • Day 4: Kitchen Drawers
  • Day 5: Kitchen Counters
  • Day 6: Spice Rack
  • Day 7: Junk Drawer
  • Day 8: Under-Sink Storage
  • Day 9: Laundry Room
  • Day 10: Mud Room
  • Day 11: Coat Closets
  • Day 12: Bookshelves
  • Day 13 Storage Furniture
  • Day 14: Mantel
  • Day 15: Desk
  • Day 16: Mail
  • Day 17: Filing Cabinet
  • Day 18: Master Bedroom
  • Day 19: Kids’ Rooms
  • Day 20: Clothes Closets
  • Day 21: Linen Closet
  • Day 22: Bathroom Cabinets
  • Day 23: Bathroom Drawers
  • Day 24: Medicine Cabinets
  • Day 25: Makeup Storage
  • Day 26: Toy Storage
  • Day 27: Playroom
  • Day 28: Garage
  • Day 29: Vehicles
  • Day 30: Storage Room

50 Items to Throw Away or Donate for a Clutter-Free Home

50 Items to Throw Away or Donate for a Clutter-Free Home

Here are 50 items to consider throwing away or donating as you work on decluttering each area of your home.

Creating a Clutter-Free Bathroom
  1. Old Makeup
  2. Old Hair Products
  3. Ripped/Torn Towels
  4. Old Toothpaste
  5. Broken/Old Brushes
  6. Dried Up Nail Polish
  7. Expired Medicine
  8. Smelly Bathmats
  9. Linen Closet Bins (since they have a tendency to collect odds and ends)
  10. Old Products Under the Sink(s)
Creating a Clutter-Free Kitchen
  1. Old Herbs and Spices
  2. Old Kitchen Tools
  3. Expired Condiments
  4. Expired Canned Goods
  5. Unused Cookbooks
  6. Plasticware Without Lids
  7. Items from the Counters
  8. Unused Appliances
  9. Too Many Magnets on the Fridge
  10. Unused Dishes and Glasses
Creating a Clutter-Free Living Room
  1. Old Knick Knacks on the Shelves
  2. Old Books
  3. Extra Throw Pillows
  4. Old Blankets
  5. Unused Baskets
Creating a Clutter-Free Playroom
  1. Unused/Outgrown Toys
  2. Broken Toys
  3. Games With Missing Pieces
  4. Outgrown Books
  5. Broken Crayons
  6. Broken Chalk
  7. Dried Up Paints, Markers, and PLAY-DOH
  8. Old Coloring Books and Sticker Books
  9. Outgrown Stuffed Animals
  10. Excessive Amount of Toys
Creating a Clutter-Free Closet
  1. Old Clothes
  2. Worn Out/Stained Clothes
  3. Clothes That Haven’t Been Worn
  4. Old Shoes
  5. Old Hats
  6. Unused Purses
  7. Old/Unused Jackets
  8. Old Shoe Boxes
  9. Unmatched Socks
  10. Old Scarves
Creating a Clutter-Free Office
  1. Old Pens
  2. Receipts
  3. Old Books and Magazines
  4. Old Manuals
  5. Oudated Electronics

What are your favorite tips for creating a clutter-free home?

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