5 Ways to Keep a Car Interior Clean With Kids

5 Ways to Keep a Car Interior Clean With Kids

Let’s face it: Kids are messy. They also can require a lot of stuff, especially when it comes to riding in the car. Kiddos love toys, games, snacks, beverages … you name it, they probably want it (and you want them to have it so that you can enjoy the drive). But, when it comes to all of that stuff, how does one keep everything organized and keep the car clean? Toys, electronics, snacks, drink containers, etc. can start to pile up and make your car seem a bit chaotic and messy.

5 Ways to Keep a Car Interior Clean

1.) Use an Organizer

Over the years, I’ve learned that car interior organization is key to keeping a clean SUV, especially when kiddos are involved. We have two bucket seats and a bench third row in our SUV. Our daughter rides in her carseat in the bucket seat behind the driver seat. Our son rides in his carseat in the bucket seat behind the passenger seat. On the floor in front of their carseats, I keep this basket which contains all sorts of toys. The basket helps keep the toys in one easy-to-find easy-to-store location.

If you tend to have a lot of toys in your car, then a basket is definitely the way to go to help keep toys neat and orderly. Baskets come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors so you can purchase one that fits your style and needs.

If you tend to have more items in your car (e.g., sippy cups, snack cups, crayons, electronics, etc.), then you might want to consider an organizer with pockets and various spaces for all of your car riding essentials. Having an organizer that meets your needs will drastically improve the organization of the car interior.

Here are some great organizer options to help keep your car interior clean with kids.

2.) Have Wipes on Hand

We love using car cleaning wipes to not only clean the surfaces of the car, but also protect the surfaces and make them shine. You can store these wipes in the garage or even in a car organizer for easy access.

3.) Use an Air Freshener

Whether you spray an air freshener or use an essential oil car diffuser, using something to make the car smell nice is super simple and goes a long way in making the car feel clean.

4.) Vacuum on a Regular Basis

When kids ride in the car, they have a tendency to drop food on the floor, in their seats, etc. When we vacuum our SUV, we usually find cheddar bunnies, fruit snacks, and other snacks that the kids have accidentally dropped during a car ride. Before the snacks get ingrained in the carpet on the floor of the car interior, be sure to vacuum the car on a regular basis. Keeping a cordless vacuum in the car is always a great option for on-the-go cleaning.

5.) Maintain a Clean Car

That’s right, clean as you go. If you see a cracker on the floor, pick it up. Our son loves tossing fruit snack wrappers on the floor when he’s done eating his fruit snacks. Whenever I take him out of his carseat, I hunt down the wrapper and toss it so that the wrappers don’t pile up into a big garbage pile. Better yet, keep a garbage bin in your car to avoid having garbage all over the car. If you see a stain, be sure to spot treat the stain so that it doesn’t become an eyesore. It might even help to keep a carpet cleaner in your car organizer to help you clean stains. Once your car is clean, figure out simple ways to maintain the cleanliness. 

What’s your favorite way to keep your car interior clean?

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  1. Superb article for providing car cleaning tips. I am worried about the cleaning process of my car and have no idea about the proper cleaning process. All the 5 ways are easily available for every household and one can easily follow all these tips. I have decided to purchase a car vacuum cleaner since it plays a vital role in the cleaning of dust, pet hair, and airborne particles. Hope everything will be good for me.

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