10 Ways to Keep Playroom Toys Organized

10 Ways to Keep Playroom Toys Organized

The thought of organizing the playroom might seem a bit overwhelming at first. With large toys, small toys, squeaky toys, oddly shaped toys, etc., how does one create organization around so many odds and ends?

Our son has accumulated a lot of toys over the past few years. But, thankfully, I’ve developed a system that helps keep the toys organized, easy to find and store, exciting, and easy to grab for our son. Yes, playrooms are meant to be played in. But, by following simple steps and using these tips and tricks, you can have a playroom that you and your child will thoroughly enjoy (perhaps for different reasons).

10 Ways to Keep Playroom Toys Organized

1.) Use Baskets

I’m all about baskets. They come in all different sizes, shapes, colors and textures. In our playroom, we have baskets full of puzzle pieces, books, stuffed animals, cars, trains, etc. Be sure to assign baskets certain toy groups so that the baskets remain organized. Plus, baskets make it easy for kids to transport toys if necessary. We keep our son’s choo choo train set in a basket on the bookshelf. He prefers to play with his choo choo trains in the living room instead of in his playroom. So, he will grab the basket (or have an adult grab the basket) and carry it into the living room. When he’s done with the trains, the set goes back into the basket and back onto the bookshelf.

2.) Create Wall-Mounted Storage

If your child is as big of a fan of Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars as our kiddo, then you’re probably finding those tiny cars all over the place. Figuring out a way to keep those cars organized and out of your way (accidentally stepping on one can be so painful … ouch!) might be on your to do list. Here’s a great idea for creating a car shelf that will serve as the car garage.

For items such as crayons and markers, attach a bar to the wall, grab a few stylish buckets, and hang the buckets from the bar. Then, place the crayons and markers in the buckets (just be careful with markers … keep the markers easy to reach for older kids since toddlers and easy-to-grab markers might be a bad combo).

3.) Set Up Bookshelves

You don’t just have to store books on the bookshelves. Take your baskets and place them on the bookshelves. You can also place stuffed animals on the bookshelves. Bookshelves are a great way to store a lot of items in an organized way.

4.) Switch Out Toys

This is my one of my favorite tricks. Throughout the year, especially during the holiday season, our son receives toys that have a tendency to accumulate in his playroom. So, every couple of months, I go into his playroom with a bag, toss a bunch of toys into the bag, and place the bag in our basement storage room. Then, six months later, I bring the stored toys out of storage and back into the playroom. I then grab a few toys that are in his playroom and place them in the storage room. Every six months or so when I do this, our son acts like the toys are brand new. Parenting win! This process keeps the toys in the playroom organized and exciting for our son.

5.) Assign Spaces

In our playroom, we have spots for wall art, photos, large items, books, stuffed animals, crafting, and reading. That way, our son knows where to find items, knows where to put away items, and knows where to enjoy items. When we brings home artwork from school, we hang it on our wall art display area. If he wants to work on crafts, he’ll sit at the table in the room. If he wants to find his choo choo trains, he knows that they are in the basket on the bookshelf. If he wants to find his Dusty airplane, he knows that it’s in the “hangar” (aka the top shelf of the bookshelf). Assigning spaces for toys and activities helps to keep things organized and easy to find.

6.) Use Clear Storage Bins

Sometimes it can be easier to locate items if you use clear storage bins. Keep similar items in each bin and then place them throughout the playroom.

7.) Label Bins and Baskets

You can place gift tags on the baskets, use mini chalkboard placards, write on paper and tape the paper to the bins, etc. By using labels, you can not only easily find and store items, but you can also use the labels to help teach your child words.

8.) Create a Library Wall

What’s a library wall? Click here to see an example. I love this idea.

9.) Choose Matching Storage Containers

So, if you can’t tell, I’m a very matchy-matchy person … and I carried that into our playroom. I like to make sure our bins and baskets match. Having organizers that match will only help to make the room look more aesthetically pleasing.

10.) Hide Items

I don’t want our son to have easy access to PLAY-DOH, markers, and other arts and crafts since easy access to those items could be dangerous to him and our house (hello, marker drawings on walls). So, in our storage closet closest to our playroom, I assigned two shelves where I store those items that are “special.” He knows that if he wants to play with those items he has to ask an adult to get them.

What’s your favorite way to keep playroom toys organized?

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