5 Tips for Making Beautiful Flower Arrangements

I absolutely love having fresh flowers in our home. When I go to the grocery store, more than half the time I shop, I always end up in the flower department. Picking up a few grocery store bouquets of flowers is totally part of my routine. The flowers at my nearby grocery store are beautiful, fragrant, and simple. And, as you can imagine, I’m all about simplicity.

By purchasing one or a few bouquets of flowers for just a few dollars, you can easily have beautiful, fresh flowers throughout your home. Flowers inside the home are an easy way to bring freshness into the home while making your home brighter and welcoming.

I think I might have picked up this habit from my Mom. She loves to stop by the flower department in her grocery store. Growing up, she would always have fresh flowers in the home. To this day, whenever I visit my parent’s house, she still makes it a point to have fresh flowers throughout the home.

5 Tips for Making Beautiful Flower Arrangements

5 Tips for Making Beautiful Flower Arrangements

1.) Prepare the Flowers

As soon as you get home, snip the ends of the stems on a diagonal. You’ll want to measure/eyeball the height of the stems to make sure they will fit nicely when placed in the vase of your choosing. Immediately place flowers in tepid water until you are ready to place the flowers in a vase.

2.) Follow a Theme

Pick a few bouquets of flowers that follow a theme. Are you going for rustic? A single color? Holiday theme? Think of your theme and find a few bouquets that will help you create the look that you want for your flower arrangement.

3.) Pick a Vase

If you’re trying to go for a rustic theme, think about using a mason jar for your vase. If you want an elegant look, a crystal vase is the way to go. You can even use a box for flowers. That’s where florist foam will really come in handy.

4.) Use a Grid or Foam

If you’re feeling really ambitious, then use clear tape and create a checkerboard system on the opening of your vase. That way, when you place the flowers in the vase, you can stick them in the little squares that the tape makes. This will technique will help keep flowers in their place. Or, you can use florist foam to keep the flowers in place and constantly watered. Simply cut the foam to the size of your container and soak the foam in water for 15 minutes before using. Check the foam every couple of days to make sure it is still wet.

5.) Criss-Cross the Stems

Instead of having all of the stems point straight downward, arrange the flowers in a way where the stems are criss-crossed, especially when using a clear vase.

Oh, and if you bring home hydrangeas (my favorite flower) and notice that they have wilted, then be sure to check out this helpful, simple tip.

What’s your favorite tip for making beautiful flower arrangements?

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