Simple Fix: Using Flowers to Brighten a Home

My Mom always has freshly cut flowers in her home. Whether she cuts them from her garden or picks them up while grocery shopping, you will (almost) always see a vase full of flowers on my parent’s counter or dinner table. So, naturally (like mother like daughter) you’ll find freshly cut flowers in my home as well. Flowers inside the home are an easy way to bring freshness into the home while making your home brighter and welcoming.

Even though most yards are covered in snow and gardens are waiting to be planted and cared for, your local grocery store is a great place to purchase inexpensive flowers that you can trim, place in a vase or mason jar, and set out throughout your home.
One of my favorite flowers to purchase are alstroemerias (pictured above). They have a tendency to last for a little longer than a week (sometimes even two weeks). Plus, they appear full and come in a variety of colors to complement any decor style.
Tulips are another favorite of mine. Whenever I come across white tulips, I hardly ever walk out of the store without them. They are so simple, elegant, and classic.
Another flower that I love to have in my home are hydrangeas. This type of flower doesn’t last as long as alstroemerias flowers. However, they are a classic flower that can add a bit of simple elegance. 
Oh, and here’s a helpful tip for hydrangeas. One day, I brought a bouquet of hydrangeas home from the grocery store. After placing them in a vase filled with water, I noticed that they were a bit droopy the next day. Instead of tossing them, I emptied the vase and filled it with boiling hot water. I wrapped the base of the flower (where the flower part meets the stem) with a few paper towels and placed the stems in the hot water. A few hours later, the flowers were in full bloom again. Science is awesome.
So, the next time you’re at the store, treat yourself to an inexpensive bouquet of fresh flowers and place them throughout your home. Or, if you have flowers in your yard, cut a few of them and place them in vases. Flowers will bring a smile to your face and help brighten your home.

How often do you keep fresh flowers in your home?

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