4 Interior Design Tips You Can Learn From Professionals

4 Interior Design Tips You Can Learn From Professionals

Most of us spend hours surfing the web, scrolling through all the pretty, stylish interiors we wish we could have. Unfortunately, most of us simply lack the funds needed for such a makeover. However, as it usually happens, money doesn’t have to play such a significant role here, and there are ways to change some aspects of our homes so that they look as if a professional designer came personally to fix it up.

Continue reading for several clever tips world-known professionals use in the world of interior design.

4 Interior Design Tips You Can Learn From Professionals


Although it might not be literally the first thing we see in a room, the color of the walls is definitely a crucial element. This is fairly simple to explain—people subconsciously associate colors with emotions, and when we walk into a bright green room, our first feeling probably won’t be sadness. It’s important to match the color to personal preferences, but if we’re looking for expensive aesthetics, white, beige and shades of gray do the trick. This, of course, isn’t the only option. Every color can be used to add the luxurious feel to the place, if it’s combined with furniture and room accessories. For the refined look, go for black elements – you can even have black doors, but only inside the house.

A money-saving tip would be to try painting the room on your own, and the money that would go to the professional painter can be saved or invested in something else.


A room without enough light looks dull, and for lots of people, seems claustrophobic. If you have a room with small or no windows, invest in lighting, and not just one big chandelier. Instead, go for multiple smaller lights, such as floor and table lamps, and corner lighting. One of the smartest professional tricks is a simple mirror. Think about the most convenient place for mirrors—directly across a large lamp, or the window, so they would reflect as much light as possible.

The color of the room is especially important in smaller rooms with less natural light. White, and other ‘open’ colors make the room instantly more spacious.

4 Interior Design Tips You Can Learn From Professionals


Pieces such as couches and dining tables are usually very expensive. If you can’t afford a new couch, you can still give it new charm and a classy feel. There’s a rich and diverse offer of covers on the market, in all colors and textures that will surely add new life to the old couch.

Accent pillows are the absolute favorite, since they can draw attention and shape the overall atmosphere of any room. For a luxurious look, feel free to go for a combination of gold, silver, chrome, and the recently very popular, rose gold and copper.


One of the most important elements in home décor is the choice of decorations. They are the first and the best way to show the homeowner’s style, and with a few smartly placed accessories, you can make your home look and feel incredibly luxurious and high-end.

You don’t need to overdo the room with too many items. One of the best rules of interior design is less is more, so feel free to use a simple, minimalist design you’ll complement with several carefully chosen expensive-looking details. This can be done with a mirror, a floor rug, or a single statement armchair. Sometimes, only a couple of central elements make the whole design of the room.

Good and tasteful interior design is by no means reserved only for those who hire a professional. Most of the time, we already have all we need, and for some cheap, yet effective pieces, there are always thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets worth visiting.

What are your favorite interior design tips and tricks?

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