8 Refreshing Bedroom Makeover Tips

8 Refreshing Bedroom Makeover Tips


The bedroom is the one place in the house that makes you feel calm and at peace. On your commute back home after a long day at work, the one thing that you look forward to is jumping on your bed and tucking yourself in the soft and cuddly sheets. So when it comes to bedrooms, do not shortchange yourself. If you think that a bedroom makeover is in order, this year is a good time to finally do it.

There are a lot of bedroom decoration ideas that can make your personal space more comfortable, refreshing, and stylish. Identify your concerns and how you want the bedroom to function whether you’re working on the night shift, if you’re a parent that needs to share a room with a baby or if you’re a young professional living a fast-paced life.

8 Refreshing Bedroom Makeover Tips

Here are bedroom trends that you can incorporate into your own space.

Go Green and Natural

The Pantone color for 2017 is greenery, which is a refreshing shade somewhere between greenish and yellowish that resembles a lot of what we see in nature. So you’re thinking: a green bedroom? Why not? The color green brings the outdoors in. It is refreshing and rejuvenating. It symbolizes new beginnings and a fresh start.

Incorporate some green into your bedroom by painting your walls green or at least creating a statement or accent wall. You may also integrate a touch of green on your sheets, linens, and pillows. A green artwork or a lamp shade are also bound to stand out.

The color green is quite bold on its own and would be a perfect pair for neutral and earthy tones. Speaking of earthy, you may also want to consider bringing in natural elements into your room such as wood, cork, and some minerals.

Upgrade Your Bed

A bedroom makeover won’t be complete without a high-quality bed or mattress. Invest in a good bed foam or mattress that will help you get a restful sleep every night. There are mattresses that adjust to your movements, recommended for those with back or muscle ailments, and have cooling qualities. Choose which one suits you best.

Trendy bedheads or headboards are also in fashion. They can single-handedly make the room look stylish and timeless.

Add Wallpaper

A truly easy bedroom makeover idea is plastering a wallpaper to achieve the look you want. Gone are the days when wallpapers look like those old, flower designs on your grandmother’s wall. Wallpapers these days are trendy and stylish and come in much durable materials. On their own, they can look like a piece of art on your wall. Just be clear with what you want to achieve as far as design or mood is concerned.

Improve Technology

Among the 2017 bedroom trends that you may want to consider is putting in more technology. We’re not talking about robots substituting for an actual partner, but technology that will help you sleep better. Apart from mattresses with cooling technology, there are now devices that monitor your heart rate while you sleep and even stops you from snoring. You can remotely set your thermostat and lighting. Bed frames with charging stations are also becoming more popular.

Include Hotel-Like Conveniences

With the concept of staycation becoming common, hotel-like conveniences are being added to bedrooms. One of the most refreshing bedroom ideas is this concept of bringing luxury home. Apart from mini-refrigerators, you can set up your own coffee bar with just an espresso machine. You can also have your own wine bar or add a two-seater couch to have a semblance of a suite.

Make the Room Multi-Purpose

There are bedrooms that function as entertainment hubs or a home office. This depends on the lifestyle of the dweller. But what is clear is that people want more from their spaces. The living room should not only be just for entertaining guests; it could also be an extra room. The kitchen should not just be for cooking but also for dining and catching up.

The same goes with a bedroom. A master’s bedroom can also have a nursery in it if the parents want to be near their infant all the time. It could be turned into a child’s room too if you have toddlers and growing children around the house. You can do that with just a flexible sofa bed. You can also put a table there to turn your bedroom into a home office or a lounge chair to create a reading nook.

Play With Furniture

Think beyond the ordinary when it comes to your bedroom furniture. Modern furniture can now pass as statement art so dare to be bold and edgy when it comes to color or design. Furniture pieces such as side tables, chairs, and lamps have gotten more eclectic and you shouldn’t settle for boring and safe anymore.

But at the same time, think about function. Go for multi-functional pieces especially if you do not have the luxury of space.

Boost the Personality

The bedroom is very personal. So if you are trying to come up with bedroom decoration ideas to upgrade this private space, make sure that it looks and feels right to you. Don’t just copy whatever you see on the Internet; make sure you also incorporate your own personal style and preferences. If you are the type who wants to keep things simple or want some royal treatment, then make sure you integrate design parameters that are consistent with your specifications.

Don’t think of the bedroom as just another space in your house. It should make you feel comfortable and peaceful. Think of refreshing bedroom ideas that will make your personal sanctuary more of what you have always wanted it to be.

What are your favorite bedroom makeover tips?


About the Author: Aby Nicole League is a qualitative researcher and a passionate writer. She writes mostly about health, psychology, technology, and marketing.

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  1. With shrinking spaces and increasing pay cheques and work pressures, more people are looking towards luxurious and functional homes and the most important room in any household is bedroom so it stands to reason why bedroom should have all the amenities of office and luxuries of bedroom to make it complete.

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