5 Simple Ways to Organize Closets

organize closets

Today we’re talking about simple ways to organize closets. Yes, it can be simple. Does opening your closets give that Pandora’s box feeling? In Greek mythology, Pandora’s box was actually a jar that, when opened by Pandora, allowed the ‘evil’ within it to escape into the world. In modern terminology, when the phrase “opening Pandora’s box” is spoken, it means performing an action that may seem small and innocent but turns out to have some negative consequences.

If opening your closet door to find the right outfit for the season brings you to cringe and tremble, then it is time to tackle the closet clutter. With season and wardrobe changes, there’s no time like the present.

Summer is for light and airy … no more heavy sweaters, boots, heavy woolen scarves, dark colors, and heavy denim. Time to ‘lighten up’ which means time to declutter the closet.

Don’t expect to do it all in one hour. All good ventures take time—organizing, sorting, and donating/trashing. It may require a team, family members, or friends who are not as emotionally attached to each article of clothing, who can advise the best means of disposal. Heck, they might even suggest a company to come pack up and haul away your junk. After having the plan of action set, appropriate boxes to put what is in the closet to the boxes marked ‘charity’ ‘toss,’ and ‘keep’—it’s time to declutter.

organize closets

5 Simple Ways to Organize Closets

1. Sort Items

Take out the heavier clothing for cooler days, clothing you have outgrown, slightly worn or faded clothing and place in the appropriate box. Hang coats in the hall coat closet. Keep the bedroom closet for those items that you know you will be wearing on a regular basis.

2. Use Hangers

An important consideration for a well-organized closet: discard any wire hangers that are bent or broken in some way and replace with sturdier hangers that give your closet visual appeal. Wood hangers are costly; but they are good for clothing with wide shoulders and shoulder pads, the pant hangers that are open on one end will keep slacks looking nice and easy to pull off when needed. Hang your slacks all the same way for uniform visual appeal. Use plastic hangers for cotton sweaters or blouses and keep all plastic hangers the same size and shape. Buy all the same color unless you wish to color code your clothing articles. Uniformity makes a visually appealing closet.

3. Paint the Closet

With the closet completely empty, if the painted walls look a bit dingy, this might be good time to give a fresh coat of paint. (I did say good things take time.)

4. Remember Accessories

Accessories are important to what you wear. So of course, you will want to keep the essential accessories clearly visible and accessible. Buy shoe racks to place flat on the closet floor rather than on the back of the closet door where it will always be in the way when you open and close the closet. Buy the rack that best fits the floor of the closet and the number and type of shoes you must store.

A hanging canvas organizer on one side of closet can also be used for sweaters or purses. At-a-glance visual appeal is what you want to achieve!

5. Use Shelves Appropriately

The shelves that are part of a closet should be used for those extra accessories not used often (such as hats). To keep hats in good shape and seen quickly, a foam head used for showing wigs will allow your hats to stay in good shape and not be crushed. Do not use shelving that runs along the top of your closet for heavy objects, such as books, that can fall and possibly cause damage to shoes, purses, or clothing.

Keep it simple and you will never tremble when you open your closet door again.

What’s your favorite ways to organize closets?

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