How Superfoods Help Your Skincare Routine

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Recently, it seems like everybody’s trying to lead a healthier life, so it’s no wonder that the term superfood pops up wherever you go. Smoothies made of various kinds of berries, fruits and algae, enriched with various seeds are among the most popular meal options all around the world, which is completely understandable.

Namely, superfood really does justify its name—not only is it good for your digestion, weight control, and overall health, but it’s also very beneficial to your skin and hair. That’s why the cosmetic industry turned to the so-called nutricosmetics and presented us with products rich with ingredients we once used only as food. There are many reasons behind it, so here’s how superfoods can take your skincare routine to a whole new level.

How Superfoods Help Your Skincare Routine

Berries against signs of aging

Besides well-known blueberries, somewhat more exotic goji and acai berries recently became major hits in cosmetic industry due to their many benefits. For instance, goji berries are packed with vitamin C that has antioxidant properties. This is especially important for mature skin since aging causes vitamin C levels to decline in the epidermis and dermis, so you’ll need something to give you a little boost.

Besides their antioxidant properties, berries are also important because of the fatty acids they contain, so they’re good for skin hydrating and conditioning. Therefore, put berries in your smoothies but also look for cleansers with berry extracts and berry seed oils (blueberries are particularly healthy) since they make your skin elastic again, cover up signs of aging, and help with skin rejuvenation.

Algae against acne

Algae, such as spirulina and chlorella can become your skin’s best friends, especially if you’re dealing with acne, warts, and other impurities. Spirulina detoxifies your organism when you eat it, and removes impurities from your skin when used in a beauty product. This is due to the high level of chlorophyll found in spirulina that eliminates heavy toxins and metals.

It’s also proven to remove bacteria that are responsible for breakouts from the surface of your skin. It also improves cell turnover. Natural beauty products, like foam masks, serums, and cleansers that contain spirulina are perfect for sensitive skin, because of spirulina’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Seeds against dehydration

It’s already a well-known fact that flax and chia seeds are good for your digestive system, but did you know that they are good for your skin, too? Seeds are packed with precious omega-3 fatty acids that leave your skin hydrated and silky soft.

Flax seeds have moisturizing effects and they’re good for your hair, while chia seeds protect you from oxidative stress and help deal with fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores. Besides, chia seeds are full of phytonutrients precious for skin damaged by the UV light, so make sure you incorporate them into your everyday skincare routine.

Fruits and vegetables for protection

Kale has a nifty nickname among skincare and nutrition experts—the king of superfood. This is not a mistake – kale indeed has some superpowers worth mentioning. For example, it boosts cell proliferation and stimulates collagen production, thus making your skin look younger and radiant. Kale is there to hydrate you, brighten your skin and act as a guardian against free radicals.

Pomegranate does the same thing and it’s packed with natural polyphenols, essential for photoprotection of the skin.

It’s always a good idea to opt for all-natural organic beauty products, and it’s even better when you get to see all the superfoods in their ingredients list. Your skin reacts to what you put on the outside as well as on the inside, so go ahead, embrace the trend and make the most out of this nutricosmetics uptake—your skin will be grateful!

What’s your favorite skincare routine tip?

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