10 Ways to Create a Cozy Bedroom

cozy bedroom

A bedroom is a place to kick back, relax, and catch some ZZZs. When it comes to winding down at night, it’s important to create a cozy bedroom to help you relax. You don’t have to spend gobs of money to achieve a cozy bedroom look and feel. With a few simple steps, you can walk into a room that is comfy, cozy, and inviting.

Simply use the items in your home, be creative and stop at your local craft shop, or pick up some items at your local home decor or antique shops. With a few simple touches and by following these tips, you’ll have a cozy bedroom that you’ll love.

cozy bedroom

10 Ways to Create a Cozy Bedroom

Here are 10 simple, budget-friendly ways to create a cozy bedroom.

1.) Choose a Paint Color

What’s your style? What color makes you feel calm? For me, I love either white or tan. Those colors are crisp and clean to me. Since I’m a neat freak, the crisp, clean feeling makes me feel calm. Plus, with my decor style (farmhouse chic), the pieces in my decor lineup go great with white and tan paint colors. So, determine what color brings you peace and paint your walls in your bedroom.

2.) Add Plants

Having greenery in your bedroom will help freshen up the space. Think about placing a succulent on a bookshelf, nightstand, or dresser. Jade plants add so much greenery and interest to a space. Here are some great house plant options for any variation of greenthumb.

3.) Use Lamps

I’m a big fan of using lamps instead of overhead lighting. Why? Because lamps create a warm and cozy vibe. I usually place a bulb that is 25W so that the light coming out of the lamp isn’t totally bright. Instead, it’s a warm light that comes out of the lamp. I have lamps on the bookshelf, nightstands, and sitting area table throughout our bedroom. What I love most is that we have one lamp connected to the main light switch in the room. So, when you flip the switch, the lamp on the bookshelf turns on instead of the overhead fan light. I find that lamps immediately help create a cozy bedroom feeling.

4.) Set Out Blankets

In our guest bedrooms, I love setting out blankets in large, stand-up floor baskets. That way, if guests get a bit chilly, they can easily grab a blanket to get nice and cozy.

5.) Layer Rugs

Just because you have carpet in your bedroom doesn’t mean that you can have a rug. I placed a rug under the two reading chairs in our bedroom and the rug added so much dimension to the space. Plus, it helped tie everything together. In our son’s room, I added a rug by his crib that helped tie together the look of his room. Don’t be afraid to add a rug to carpeted areas in your home.

If you have wood floors, think about layering rugs to create a unique, cozy feeling. The layered rug look can add a lot of texture and style to any space. Plus, the cozy bedroom feeling will be achieved in no time.

6.) Bring on the Texture

From old pieces to new pieces, vases to tables, pillows to blankets, there are tons of ways to add texture to a bedroom. Be sure to hang curtains to help warm up the space. Oh, and the bedding is so important. I’m all about pintuck bedding right now. This type of bedding not only turns a room into a cozy bedroom, it’s all super comfortable. Here are some of my favorite pintbuck bedding options.

7.) Have a Headboard

If you don’t have a bedroom set, you can easily create a headboard in a matter of minutes. We don’t have a bedroom set since I like to mix and match pieces. For the headboard in our bedrooms, I went to the local home improvement store and had someone help cut a piece of particle board to the dimensions that I wanted. Next, I covered the front of the headboard in white, fluffy padding and then wrapped the padding around the back of the board and attached it with a staple gun. I picked my favorite fabric shower curtain, stretched it across the padding, wrapped it around the back of the board, and stapled it to the back of the board. The end result? A fabric headboard that was exactly what I wanted all in a matter of minutes … and for less than $30. What’s not to love?

8.) Create a Sitting Area

If you have the room, pick a wall or a corner of the room to create a sitting area. In our bedroom, I added two sitting chairs and a table between them, all of which are placed on a small rug. On top of the table, there’s a lamp and a photo of our son. This setting is placed against the wall between two windows. Hanging on the wall between the windows and chairs is an old, farmhouse, chicken wire clock. I love the look that the space gives to our room. It definitely makes the space cozy and inviting.

9.) Pile on the Pillows

Set out a couple of regular pillows on each side of the bed. Then, add some throw pillows that are different colors, textures, designs, etc.

10.) Add Photos

From the tabletops to the walls, print family photos and place them throughout the room. Or, find wall art at your local home decor shops or antique shops. Having bare walls can be a bit on the bland side. So, warm up those walls and you’ll end up with a cozy bedroom.

What items create a cozy bedroom in your home?

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