Creating a Morning Routine

morning routine

Every morning, I wake up to the sounds of the baby monitor. The sounds are either a happy toddler talking to himself while trying to wake up or a crying toddler who is begging for a mother’s hug. After getting my hugs from our son, I like to give him some toys in his crib and turn on music in his room. Why? Because I have to squeeze in a quick shower.

After throwing on makeup and doing my hair quickly, I fix a bath for our son and watch him run to the bathroom as he excitedly anticipates his daily bath. When he’s done splish splashing in the tub, we both head downstairs to get the house ready for the day.

Turning on lights, opening curtains, wiping down the counters … I love to wake up the house and get it ready. Next up? Breakfast for the two of us and coffee for me.

At that point, we’re ready to conquer the day and what it has in store for us. My husband and I have very different morning routines. Since I’m usually the one who wakes up with our son and we’ve always been set on creating routines for him, I was all about creating a morning routine for him which automatically set a morning routine for myself.

Routines help keep schedules organized, maintained, and set. Yes, there are some things that might happen to throw a wrench into the system. But, for the most part, our morning routines are the same day in and day out.

I know not everyone is a morning person. Trust me, my eyes weigh a million pounds until the clock strikes 8:00 a.m. My son is usually bouncing around in his crib at 7:00 a.m. so I’m forced out of bed a little earlier than I would prefer, especially with my late bedtimes. But, having a routine helps me to slowly wake up all while getting myself alert and ready to take care of our son.

Mornings can be a time to wake up, reflect, enjoy coffee, get ready for the day, journal, and wrap your mind around what you need to accomplish.

As Steve Jobs asked every morning, “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I’m about to do today?” So, let’s all try and start the day as cup half full, ready to tackle the day. What good will you do today?

What’s included in your morning routine?

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