How to Make the Holidays Special for Dogs


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With two rescue dogs in our home, no celebration would not be complete without Caster and Tugboat. They are our furbabies and fill our home with so much love and fun. So, it’s only natural that when we celebrate Christmas, we also try and find ways to make the holidays special for them.

When trying to make the holidays special for dogs, take into consideration play time, food time, and relaxation time. From homemade dog treats to holiday decor to new dog beds, there are plenty of simple ways to get your dogs into the holiday spirit.

10 Ways to Make the Holidays Special for Dogs

1.) Hang a stocking

I love to fill out dogs’ stockings with all sorts of treats and toys. Watching them take the items out of their stockings is so much fun. Plus, the treats and toys inside the stockings will keep them entertained and distracted while the rest of the family opens their gifts.

2.) Serve a special meal

Be mindful of table scraps during the holidays. Instead of slipping the dogs the scraps, place a special meal in your dog’s food bowl. There are plenty of dog-friendly special meals that your dogs will love to devour while the rest of the family enjoys a people-friendly meal.

3.) Make homemade treats

With just a few simple ingredients and a cookie cutter, you can create tasty dog treats that your dogs will love to enjoy throughout the holiday season.

4.) Practice safety

With the holiday season comes decorations, plants, and food. Make sure that your extension cords are out of reach, plants aren’t easy to nibble, and harmful recipe ingredients don’t make it into their mouth.

5.) Bring your dog to a tree farm

If your local tree farm allows it, be sure to bring your dog to the Christmas tree farm with the rest of the family as you select your Christmas tree. Your dog will love the experience.

tree farm

6.) Get a new bed

Dogs bed can become incredibly worn and a bit smelly over time. Since dogs sleep in them, why not make them super comfy cozy? Get your dog a new dog bed to help improve sleep and comfort.

7.) Document the holidays

Why not include your dog in your holiday card photo? It’s not too late to capture a beautiful or funny photo of your dog and send it out as a holiday card.

8.) Paw it forward

There are plenty of shelter dogs who are in need of some love during the holidays. In past years, we’ve donated beds to shelters. Be sure to call your local shelter and see what they need. From treats to food to beds to blankets … or even a simple visit for a cuddle. The dogs will be so appreciative.

9.) Make special visits

If your dog is approved and certified, stop by your local senior citizen home to visit. Or, go to a local hospital to brighten a child’s day. Your dog will love the attention too.

10.) Include in traditions

The holiday season is full of traditions. Be sure to include your dog in your family’s traditions. When wearing holiday pajamas, grab something fun for your dog to wear. Reading a Christmas story before bed? Grab your dog and snuggle with the whole family.

How do you make the holidays special for your pets?

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  1. Hi Jen, I love this post! You have so many wonderful and practical ideas, many of which we do with our dog, Sienna. Thanks for sharing such a fun post!

    • Thank you, Flavia! We always love making the holidays special for Caster and Tugboat. I hope Sienna is doing well. She’s so beautiful! Happy Holidays!

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