Ways to Drink More Water

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You guys. I need your help. I drink coffee like it’s going out of style. I make sure I eat my fruits and veggies. I get exercise and love running around with my toddler. I take my vitamins, try to care for my skin, and get as much fresh air as I can. What am I not doing? I’m not getting enough sleep. I’m also not drinking enough water. I really struggle with the whole “drink more water” thing.

I’ve heard that starting your day off with water is the perfect way to start the day. What do I do? I sit down to have cereal with fruit with my toddler. I drink the remaining milk in the bowl and quickly move on to a cup of coffee. Hours might go by before I even think about having a sip of water. Before I know it, it’s the end of the day and I take a few sips of water before heading to bed.

My son and husband are so hydrated throughout the day. I’m the exact opposite. The other morning, we had been up for quite a while when my husband looked at me and asked, “How have you not had anything to drink yet?”

I need to drink more water. But how? So, that’s where you come into place. How do you make sure you drink enough water throughout the day? What are your tips? What works for you?

Ways to Drink More Water

Through my research, this is what I found:

  • Make it a morning habit
  • Add lemon, strawberries, or cucumber to the glass to help add flavor
  • Give yourself reminders throughout the day via notes, an app, calendar, etc.
  • Drink out of a water bottle
  • Set daily goals

How do you drink more water throughout the day?

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  1. I always try to remind myself to drink water in the office. At first it was rather easy since the bottle sits next to me, then I developed a habit drinking water in the morning. Those habits faded away after my business trip for 2 weeks.
    I like the idea of ‘spicing’ your water with strawberries, cucumbers or lemon, which I already am trying out.

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