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One of my favorite vegetables is the mushroom. I love adding it to pizza, pasta, and steaks, especially when they are simmered in red wine. Oftentimes, you can find pre-sliced mushrooms in the store and these packages of mushrooms make meal preparation super easy. Unfortunately, pre-sliced mushrooms are mushrooms that have been sliced days ago and are not at their prime in terms of freshness.

Slicing mushrooms only takes a few extra minutes and it could not be easier. Follow these simple steps the next time you want to use the freshest mushrooms possible in your next dish:

Slicing Mushrooms

  1. Take a sheet of paper towel and rub off the dirt on the mushrooms. If you choose to rinse the mushrooms under water, be sure to quickly dry off the mushrooms when finished. I advise against doing this because mushrooms are porous and they quickly absorb water.
  2. Twist or cut off the stems of the mushrooms (optional).
  3. Place mushrooms flat side down and, using a knife, slice them into the desired sizes.

If you’re still thinking that this is way too time consuming, especially when comparing this method to buying the prepackaged sliced mushrooms, here’s an even faster way to slice these veggies. Take out your egg slicer, place the mushroom on the slicer and press down. Voila! In just one swift movement, you’ll have perfectly sized mushrooms each and every time…and you won’t have to spend the extra time using a knife to make every slice.

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  1. The first time i tried to slice mushrooms with an egg slicer, the wires snapped! I'm scared to try it again with our new one…

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