Understanding Love Languages

People need to feel loved, am I right? The thing about love that I find interesting is that each person’s love language is different. Take me for example. I absolutely love when my husband does chores around the house … without me having to ask him. Yes, if he empties the dishwasher without me asking him, I couldn’t love him more. If he folds the laundry without me asking him, I couldn’t love him more. If he cleans the bathroom without me asking him, I couldn’t love him more. Am I normal?

My husband kept asking me to ask him to take care of the chores so that he would take care of them. To me, I wanted him to take care of them without me having to ask him. I tried to talk to him about this but I couldn’t quite fully describe this to him in a way that would make sense … heck, it didn’t really make sense to me so how could I explain it to him?

In an effort to get to the bottom of this, I did some digging and decided to take a Love Language test to get a better understanding of my love language. The results were astounding since they completely hit the nail on the head and described my love language perfectly.

Here are the five different love languages:

1) Words of Affirmation
2) Quality Time
3) Receiving Gifts
4) Acts of Service
5) Physical Touch

My highest score was (you guessed it) … Acts of Service. Here’s the description:

Can vacuuming the floors really be an expression of love? Absolutely! Anything you do to ease the burden of responsibilities weighing on an “Acts of Service” person will speak volumes. The words he or she most want to hear: “Let me do that for you.” Laziness, broken commitments, and making more work for them tell speakers of this language their feelings don’t matter. Finding ways to serve speaks volumes to the recipient of these acts.

I shared the results with my husband and it was a definite aha moment. It immediately all made sense to both of us. I took the test in 2013 and never once, since then, have I had to explain my need for acts of service love since my husband knows how important it is to me. I can’t even begin to describe just how relieving it was to fully understand myself and make sense of everything.

Recently, I learned about my husband’s love language. What I find most interesting is that opposites do attract … and challenge. My love language brings him out of his comfort zone whereas his love language brings me out of my comfort zone.

Love is important and it’s important to feel and show love whenever possible. He is the rock in my life. He is my best friend. He is the one who I chose for my forever love. Embracing each other’s love language might bring us out of our comfort zones but it’s important.

Last weekend, I cut out the printable pictured above and placed it in a frame. Every morning, I use a dry erase marker to write why I love him and then place the frame on the bathroom counter so that it’s one of the first things he sees every day. The reasons are easy to think of and I hope that this small gesture makes him feel loved.

What’s your love language?

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