5 Must-Have Baby Registry Items

5 Must-Have Baby Registry Items

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Playtex Baby™. #MomsFirst #ForBetterBeginnings

When I was pregnant with our first baby, I felt extremely overwhelmed by all of the baby products available. From blankets to bottles, cribs to car seats, I kept researching to find what were the best products. At the end of my research, I quickly realized that my registry list was incredibly long. And, even with all of the items on the list, I was still left wondering if I had enough and whether or not I had everything we would need for our baby.

And then I became pregnant with our second baby. During the second pregnancy, I stressed less about the “baby needs list.” If anything, the first baby showed me what was necessary, what was nice to have, and what was truly not needed.

So, in preparation for the arrival of our second baby, my “baby needs list” was about ⅛ of the list that I had for our first child. Yes, we could reuse a lot of the big ticket items (e.g., swing, bouncer, crib, bassinet, etc.). But, I also realized that the items I ended up reusing or buying more of for our first child were the items that were most important to have on hand for baby #2.

5 Must-Have Baby Registry Items

5 Must-Have Baby Registry Items

Because raising a happy, healthy baby is the number-one priority, every decision made is with the baby’s health and happiness in mind. Because there are so many products on the market, the decisions on what will help keep the baby healthy and happy can be overwhelming, especially for first-time moms.

I remember calling my mom friends when I was pregnant with our first baby. I kept asking them all sorts of questions about items to add to the registry, items to pick up at the store, and items to avoid buying.

Over time, I learned that there are 5 Must-Have Baby Registry Items

1.) Blankets and Burp Cloths

Babies love to be warm and cozy … and babies can get really messy too (from diaper blowouts to spit ups). So, it’s super important to have plenty of blankets and burp cloths (I like to use cloth diapers for spit ups) on hand to help keep the baby nice and cozy. For us, we found it easiest to have a basket in our living room dedicated to the baby’s blankets. The blankets were easy to grab when needed.

2.) Onesies and Socks

Babies go through a lot of clothing changes during any given day. Having plenty of onesies (long sleeve and short sleeve) will help you keep your baby dressed and comfortable.

It’s also nice to have plenty of baby socks. Their cute little toes have a tendency to get chilly. Whenever I put socks on my daughter’s feet, she always gives me the biggest smile.

3.) Bed and Bedding

When we first brought out two kids home from the hospital, we loved having a bedside bassinet next to the bed so that we could keep an eye on the baby and make sure the baby was comfortable throughout the night. Plus, having the baby in the room and next to the bed allowed for easier nighttime feedings. As the baby grows older, it’s nice to have the crib set up in the nursery to help make the bassinet to crib transition easier on both the parent and the baby.

4.) Bouncer and/or Swing

Even though it would be nice to cuddle with the baby 24/7, there are times when you have to use the restroom, make yourself something to eat, and clean some baby bottles. Plus, some babies like their alone time and just want to hang out in a bounce or a swing. Our son loved the swing and bouncer. Our daughter, on the other hand, wasn’t very enthusiastic about the swing but loves the bouncer. A bouncer and/or swing is a great way to keep the baby entertained, relaxed, and comfortable.


5 Must-Have Baby Registry Items

5.) Bottles and Bottle Warmer

Whether you’re breastfeeding or formula feeding, one thing is certain, you are going to need bottles. When I breastfed, it was nice to have a supply of milk on hand so that I could pour it into the bottle and have the baby enjoy food whenever she needed it. When I switched to formula, bottles were a necessity.

We make sure we have a few bottles available on the drying rack so that we can quickly and easily prepare bottles. Even when I was breastfeeding, it was important to have bottles on hand so that we could dump the pumped milk into the bottles, warm it up, and keep the baby fed.

I recently came across Playtex Baby™ VentAire® Bottles when I was shopping in the baby section at my local Walmart. The Playtex Baby VentAire is uniquely designed to reduce colic, gas, and spit-up through a bottom venting system that helps reduce air ingestion. As the baby feeds, virtually no air mixes with the milk and gets into the baby’s tummy. Plus, the Most Like Mom® NaturaLatch® Nipple mimics the breast to help the baby latch on naturally and promotes easy switching between breast and bottle feeding.

It’s always nice to have this bottle on hand since our baby girl loves it. As a mother, I love the bottle because fewer air bubbles means a happier tummy for the baby. If you want to see if you and your baby will love these bottles, then take advantage of the coupon: Save $3.00 NOW on any ONE (1) PlaytexBaby VentAire or Nurser 3-pack bottles on-package coupon at your local Walmart.

5 Must-Have Baby Registry Items

What are your must-have items for a baby?

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