My Epic Day of Motherhood


Today was an epic day in motherhood for me. Yes, epic. Let me start from the beginning.

Last night, my husband sent me a text that encouraged me to have a mommy/son date day. So, I woke up with my son this morning and started researching activities to do with him today. Because it was incredibly chilly, I opted out of any outdoor activities. Instead, I decided to head to Michael’s with him to pick up a bunch of craft supplies. From markers to canvases, miniature toy horses to stencils, colorful puff balls to fun paints, our cart was full of arts and crafts that I knew our son would love.

Before we went home, we stopped at a favorite restaurant to grab lunch. He was so well-behaved during lunch (usually he’s super eager to get his food) and we were really enjoying the whole experience. I thought we were having such a great day … until we got home.

Oh man. That’s when all hell broke loose.

After changing him into comfies, I placed him in his crib for naptime and I prepared to get a bit of blog work done while he slept. Our son had other plans for me. After rolling around in his crib for 30 minutes, I saw him in the monitor throwing things and playing with things in his hands.

You see … he has started this fun little habit of pooing and then playing with it … in his crib. Yes, playing with it. As in, paint-by-numbers playing with it.

Once the lightbulb went off in my head as to what he was doing, I ran upstairs and entered the dungeon of doom (aka his room). I quickly surveyed the lay of the land and saw poo everywhere. The crib, carpet, rug, rocking chair, walls, teddy bear, sheets, and his face. Everywhere. I mean, everywhere.

Into the tub he went for bath #2 of the day.

Once his sheets were changed and the poo was cleaned up, I put him into clean comfies, placed him in the crib, and turned off the light. I sat back down to, once again, try and get some work done all while keeping an eye on the baby monitor.

And then boom. Vomit everywhere. Yes, I saw him playing with something in his crib and, after running up to his room, I quickly saw that he threw up everywhere.

Into the tub he went for bath #3 of the day.

After his bath, I knew that a nap was not in the cards for the day. Instead, I had better plans. I needed to find onesies for a two-year-old to help avoid this poo-flinging situation altogether.

So, after fixing the dog’s bandage (you can read more about that here) that he carefully ripped off while I was taking care of the poo-flinger, we hopped in the car, headed to Target, filled the cart with new sheets and onesies, and then headed home.

Mr. Defiance fell asleep on the car ride home … five minutes away from our house.

To finish our oh-so-glamorous mommy/son date day, we snacked on hummus, played with the colorful puff balls, took care of laundry (I needed him to sleep in the onesie ASAP), kissed and hugged each other goodnight … and then I poured myself a glass of wine.

Why wine? Because I need to celebrate the patience, love, understanding, and care that filled this day. Oh, and the laughter too. At this point, all I can do is laugh.

So, cheers to you, Clorox Bleach. You were a BFF today.

What’s your best parenting story?

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