10 Birthday Traditions Your Kids Will Love

10 Birthday Traditions Your Kids Will Love

Since my birthday is just a few days after Christmas, my parents always made it a point to find ways to make my birthday extra special thanks to a few birthday traditions. From insisting that gifts were wrapped in birthday paper instead of holiday paper to getting me a birthday cake instead of serving up a holiday-themed baked dish, I always looked at my birthday as a special day even though it followed a major holiday.

Another special birthday tradition? My Dad always gave me a doll on my birthday. That present from my Dad was always something I looked forward to year after year.

A few years ago, we welcomed another Christmas baby into our family when our son was born on Christmas Eve. When that happened, I knew that it was up to my husband and myself to act like my parents and make his birthday extra special.

From wrapping his gifts in birthday paper to decorating an area of our home in just birthday decor instead of holiday decor to getting him a special birthday cake to making him a special birthday dinner (instead of a traditional Christmas Eve dinner) to having him wake up to birthday balloons … birthday traditions, especially for kids, can be full of so much fun and excitement even if they are simple traditions that are done every year.

As a Christmas baby myself, there is one question that always comes after, “When’s your birthday?” Can you guess what the question is?

“Does it suck to have your birthday be so close to Christmas?”

My answer has always been “no.” Absolutely not. Why? Because, to me, Christmastime is the most magical time of the year. The house is decorated beautifully. People are so full of holiday cheer. Usually, snow is on the ground and the landscape is breathtaking. The fire is burning in the fireplace. Counters are full of holiday treats. The smell of cinnamon is in the air.

Yes, holiday birthdays come with a bit of negatives. But, those negatives have never stopped me from loving a holiday birthday. My parents always made my birthday special. And, my husband is all about birthdays and loves finding ways to make my birthday special.

10 Birthday Traditions Your Kids Will Love

10 Birthday Traditions Your Kids Will Love

As one can imagine, I’m all about the birthday traditions. For simple ways to make a holiday birthday special, be sure to check out these tips. For simple birthday traditions your kids will love, be sure to check out the following ideas.

1.) Have a Special Way to Wake Up the Child

When the child is sleeping, you can fill the child’s bed with balloons or cover the bedroom floor with balloons. Or, decorate the door with balloons and streamers. You could even bring the child a birthday treat into bed and snap a photo of the child enjoying the special treat. It would be so fun to look at the photos over the years.

2.) Serve a Special Breakfast

What’s your child’s favorite breakfast food? Make sure you make that meal year after year.

3.) Have the Child Pick the Meals

Instead of having you pick the meals for the pay, give the job to the birthday kiddo. Let them have free reign to pick whatever meals they are craving.

4.) Have the Child Pick the Cake

Customizing a cake (whether from a bakery or homemade) can be so much fun for your little one. From the cake flavor to the frosting to the decor, the possibilities are endless.

5.) Serve the Same Cake Every Year

Or, better yet, why not serve the same cake every year? My Mom loved getting me a Sanders Bumpy Cake for my birthday celebrations. Those cakes are so yummy and I looked forward to it every year.

6.) Break Out the Birthday Plate

Instead of using your everyday plates, why not serve up the birthday kiddo’s food on a special birthday plate. Here are some cute birthday plates to consider.

7.) Gift a Special Toy Every Year

As I mentioned before, my Dad would always buy me a special doll every year. I carried that tradition over to my son. He loves trains so every year my husband and I give him a Thomas the Train railway piece to add to his collection.

8.) Do a Birthday Interview

Every year, ask your child the same questions and record the answers. Keep the answers in a notebook so that you can read over them year after year.

9.) Go on a Birthday Adventure

Whether it’s to a local park or to the zoo, decide on your birthday adventure and enjoy some fun on the kiddo’s special day.

10.) Make the Day a “Yes” Day

Now, I know that you might have to say “no” to a few things. But, by saying “yes” to as many things as you can, who knows what kinds of adventures you’ll go on, what types of foods you’ll eat, and what memories you’ll make.

What birthday traditions help make your kiddo’s birthday special?

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